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London To Punjab Style Series (Nila Dupatta)

London To Punjab Style Series (Nila Dupatta)

Nila Dupatta Punjabi Fashion Blogger

No apologies for speaking how I feel
If they had a chance, they would erase or replace
But instead, they embrace
Intrigued by the culture
Raised by a lion and a princess
To be a warrior, with the heart of a poet
A balancing act
Guided by all the lessons once taught
When life got rough, I maintained
I put up with all types of pain
But look at what I had to gain.

London To Punjab Style Series Tajinder Kaur

Growing up in two cultures, it was difficult to navigate through smoothly. Never feeling truly accepted by either, I was in a state of limbo. Confused what my identity was, not relating to any images seen in the media. Every experience shaped the person I became today. Despite all the hardships, I love my Punjabi heritage. I’m grateful for experiencing different perspectives, speaking another language and getting to embrace my culture fully.

It’s been an interesting journey to get to this point. When I little, I would try hard to fit in. As the years went by, I slowly began embracing my own culture. Learning Punjabi and Hindi, studying history and exposing myself to the entertainment. I finally became connected to my roots.

Chic Indo-Western Blogger Style Inspiration Tajinder Kaur

My wardrobe is as colourful as I am, it’s the Punjabi in me. We know the importance of three things – fun, kindness & dressing well.

Glamour & Culture Punjabi Fashion UK Style Inspiration

I use style as a form of expression. Whether I’m sharing my mood, a bold statement or a cultural movement. Since focusing the blog more into the fashion niche and recently visiting India. I wanted to incorporate my Indian heritage into my everyday style. This thought led into my three-part style series, London to Punjab.

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Starting off with a sparkle, glamour is prominent in Punjabi fashion. To make this element shine, I opted for white clothing as the foundation, it’s essentially a blank canvas. A vibrant blue dupatta and jewellery with gold accents draw the eye immediately. Add a little sparkle to your look, especially as party season is approaching. This outfit can be worn to a firework party, a special occasion or even dinner with the girls. Would you style an outfit with a dupatta?

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White Bardot Top, Nila Dupatta & Happiness

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  • This is such a pretty outfit and I love how you’ve intertwined your two cultures. It must have been difficult growing up and being pulled between the two. Punjabi fashion is absolutely stunning, i’ve always thought so. You look beautiful! x

    • Aww, thank you dear, I love Punjabi fashion too! It’s true, it was difficult to navigate but now I appreciate both cultures.


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