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I Am More Than Enough, A Poetic Verse

I Am More Than Enough, A Poetic Verse

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I am more than enough.

An affirmation that I wholeheartedly believe, but that wasn’t always the case. Insecurities can creep up, doubts appear but my confidence is soaring. I believe in my own magic, the work I create, the path I take. It’s preparing me for bigger blessings. I want every individual to have this feeling.

I recently came across a post by Shethority. It was a poem by Lissy Birkigt titled I’m More Than What I Used To. It actually inspired this post, as it reflected a mood similar to mine, so I wanted to do my own version.

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I used to shy away
Mask my feelings, thoughts and identity
I used to be bullied
Seen as an outsider
Different from the pack
Experienced violence and abuse
I didn’t need to gain more attention
I used to want acceptance
Validation about my being
Different from the others
But I wanted to be seen as beautiful
Just like them
They now appropriate a culture once described as foreign
I used to dislike the body I resided in
Beauty ideals, lack of diversity, societal norms
Just a few things causing insecurities in little girls

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I used to feel unworthy
Convinced by the world that this feeling was normal
But I’m more than enough
For myself and those around
I used to look for love outside
Trying to fill an unknown void that society created
It took a while but I discovered love was within all this time
He said he loved me, I said thank you baby boy, I love me too
I used to be reserved
Not understanding the power of my voice
Silenced by past experiences, it was difficult to unlearn
I used to be sensitive
Still am
Protecting my heart at all costs
Finding it hard to trust but attempting to show my vulnerabilities

I Am More Than Enough, A Poetic Verse

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I used to cherish people
Still do
Even if they decide to leave with no explanation
Their presence was for a reason
I used to think I never had a story to tell
No wisdom to depart
But every truth I shared
Someone could relate
My words touched the hearts of women
Inspiring them to share their stories too
I used to be uncertain about the future
But now I speak it into existence.

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