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How To Create A Self-Care Playlist

How To Create A Self-Care Playlist

Self-Care Playlist & Colourful Macaroons

We all experience moments of stress, anxiety and exhaustion, that we need to take a minute to compose ourselves. One way to do this is through self-care. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant activity. As long as it’s something that helps you relax, makes you feel good and allows you a break from your everyday routine. For many, including myself, it can be through music. Music has the ability to impact our emotions and body. It’s an effective way to deal with stress, lift low spirits and generally alter moods. I would recommend creating playlists for a specific mood. If you need to relax try slower-paced music, for a more energetic feel try upbeat music.

In life, we tend to associate certain songs with key moments and memories. Recalling those times can bring happiness into our space. We all love new music, but hearing those familiar songs can put us in a positive mood. In order to spark inspiration for your self-care playlist, I decided to share a few statements. The answers can then be added into a playlist of your choice. I’ll also share my favourite song for each statement in brackets.

Macaroons, Love & Pink Flowers

  • Ultimate summer anthem (Invitation (feat. Yade Lauren) – Yellow Claw)
  • Makes you feel relaxed (Nevermind – Dennis Lloyd)
  • Relatable song (Legendary (feat. J. Cole) – Joey Bada$$)
  • Favourite song from the 1990s (Redefinition – Blackstar)
  • Timeless song (Perfect Tree (feat. Eesah) – Chronixx)
  • Motivational song (Lose Yourself – Eminem)
  • A song that holds a deep meaning (Invisible (feat. Shocka) – Otis)
  • Reminds you of your childhood (Snitch – Obie Trice)
  • Song from the first artist you saw live (Thoughts – Chip)
  • Soundtrack song (Bout 2 Blow (feat. Yazz and Timbaland) – Empire)
  • Ideal road trip song (Bana – Niniola)
  • Most-played iTunes song (Belly of the Beast (feat. Chronixx) – Joey Bada$$)
  • The song you’d love to hear live (Bhathu (feat. Emtee & Saudi) – Dj Mkiri Way)
  • Song currently in the charts (Wanting – Not3s)
  • Girl gang anthem (Survivor – Destiny’s Child)

Sparking inspiration through music, I hope you have an idea of where to begin in creating your own self-care playlist. Make it personal, an experience you’ll enjoy from track one to the end. Whether it’s a mix of your favourite songs, a pamper session playlist or one compiled of love songs. Enjoy beauties, I’d love to hear your thoughts on personalised playlists.

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Self-Care Playlist & Colourful Macaroons

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  • I love this post! Music is my go-to when I feel like I need a moment of self-care. I have a gym playlist of uplifting motivational music (Eminem is on mine too!). I also have a selection of chilled playlists for when I’m in the bath or focusing at the computer. There are other lists that bring back good memories and make me feel happy. I love that music is so powerful and can make us feel better. Thanks for sharing, fab post! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    • I’m glad you enjoy my post dear. It’s great to have specific playlists for different moods and activities. I love the power music possesses, it has the ability to unite us all beyond borders.


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