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To All The Trends I Loved Before

To All The Trends I Loved Before

African Print Skirt Scarf Wrap Blouse & Neon Hoops

Find the courage to begin, to start over and try again.

Back like I never left, only difference this time I’m more focused. I’m creating a digital space to teach midsize and plus women the art of styling. Encouraging everyone to embrace their curves through fashion tips, colour theory and photography.

Trends I Loved & Colourful Summer Outfit Inspiration

Starting off September, otherwise known as fashion month, with a love letter to all the trends I loved before. Changing every decade, there’s something to appreciate. Each decade had a distinct style. The ‘60s had the miniskirt, ‘70s had flares, but was dubbed the “me decade” and the 80’s had shoulderpads. Championing individuality, the 90’s was diffuse. Ranging from high-waisted jeans (Hip-Hop), slip dresses (Grunge) and tracksuits (Athleisure). Making it valid today, in a multi-cultural society. Adopting a pick-and-mix approach to style and culture. Designers agree as they’ve revived key elements with a 2019 twist. I have always had an admiration for the ‘90s. The loud style (think Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aesthetic), hip-hop music and did I mention I’m a ’94 baby?

Back to the present day, there’s no shortage in trends. They come and go faster than I can say Balenciaga. Fashion should be seen as an art form, celebrating the vision of designers. By all means, admire what’s sent down the runway, but think twice before buying into every trend. Fashion in the present day is a choice-filled world where creativity and self-expression reign supreme. Look at the colours, prints and styling choices, what are you choosing to express today?

Summer Blue & Green Print Clash Outfit

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Never feel pressured into keeping up with trends. Every individual society has deemed fashionable keeps to set style parameters. Take Anna Wintour for example, she sports her signature bob, regardless of the seasonal beauty trends. She knows what she likes, what compliments her and experiments within those boundaries. Similar to anything else in the world, styling takes practice. Especially when it involves understanding your personal style.

African Print Skirt Scarf Wrap Blouse & Neon Hoops

If you can’t decide a trend is for you, get a clearer vision by asking key style questions.

  • Where do you see yourself wearing this trend or a particular piece?
  • Does it compliment the rest of your wardrobe?
  • Will you continue to wear it once the season is over?
  • How does the trend make you feel?
  • What’s your reasoning behind buying into the trend?
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