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25 Things I’ve Achieved In 25 Years

25 Things I’ve Achieved In 25 Years

Bright Pink River Island Cardigan, Autumn Outfit Inspiration

Do you believe in the magic inside you?
The magic that surrounds you?
A reflection of beauty, holding all the answers within
Things change, rearrange and so do I
A small percentage is who I’m building with
Ambition is priceless it’s something that’s in your veins
A wink from the sky as a falling star passes by
Raise your glasses, I made it to twenty-five.

It’s time for celebration, I’m feeling 25. I took a flight to mark the occasion, casually wandered around Budapest in October. The wanderlust bug had bitten me, crossing off one city at a time. Before moving forward, it’s good to look back and reflect. It helps us understand what we’ve achieved and what’s next. Here are twenty-five things I’ve achieved in twenty-five years.

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  • Travelled to over ten countries
  • Collaborated with Boohoo, Hunkmöller & Goddiva
  • Attended events by Boohoo and jewellerybox
  • Attended a wellness PR event
  • Featured in The Sun newspaper
  • Cameoed in a music video
  • Attended London Fashion Week
  • Created an identity photography and poetry series
  • Got paid through blogging and photography
  • Graduated university
  • Completed marketing internships and courses
  • Gave birth to my beautiful son
  • Started my YouTube channel
  • Rebranded my blog and set on a specific niche
  • Created a tight circle of friends
  • Attended various brand and blogger events
  • Volunteered at festivals
  • Attended the Dazed 100 party (& toured around their HQ)
  • Shot catwalk photography during London Fashion Week Festival

Pink Gradient Skirt, Cardigan & Illustrations UK Bright Fall Style Guide

Just because you’ve slowed down, doesn’t mean you’ve stopped. It can be hectic trying to balance it all, especially as a new mother with new responsibilities. My only advice to share is, take your shot, you create your own opportunities. Stop overthinking, doubting yourself and ignore the insecurities. It doesn’t have to be perfect, we’re all learning and progressing. With this in mind, a few things I wish to achieve in the next five years include

  • Collaborating with high street fashion brands
  • Being featured in a podcast
  • Collaborating with fashion YouTubers
  • Attending fashion weeks across the world
  • Create a limited-edition photography magazine
  • Publish a poetry book
  • Write for a well-known fashion publication
  • Buy a house or an apartment
  • Travel to 5 countries I haven’t visited before

Bright Pink River Island Cardigan, Autumn Outfit Inspiration

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I have big dreams that I know are possible to achieve. However, I can be my own worst critic. I need to let go of perfection, it stops me from hitting the publish button on many occasions. What advice would you give yourself at 25?

25 things I've Achieved In 25 Years, From UK Fashion Blog Tajinder Kaur

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  • Wow! You’re certainly impressive!

    I’ve ticked off a few of the same things, but lots of room for more!

    I would also love to publish my own poetry book, or at least a zine!

    Great post <3

    kenna, xxx

    • Thank you Kenna. We’re all a work in progress, there’s always room for more! You should definitely publish a book or zine!


  • Gosh yes I’d love to take a trip next year for my birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate another year… And what achievements you’ve made. Giving birth is a HUGE thing and I’m so so proud of you! And not to mention your other achievements like earning money through blogging and shooting catwalk photography… I wish you all the best in your future goals – you’ll smash them, for sure!

    • Yes Lizzie, do it, treat yourself. Honestly, I have a newfound respect for mothers, my labour was intense. Also, I’m excited about my goals as well, thank you for the wishes dear. Have a fabulous week!


  • Wow, this is an incredible list, congratulations for all those achievements! I can only wish my list would look even a little bit like yours blogging-wise next year. xx

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

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