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3 Reasons Why Fashion Still Matters Today

3 Reasons Why Fashion Still Matters Today

Lockdown Photography Experimenting With Glitter & Movement UK Fashion Blogger

Fashion matters
It matters to the young girl playing dress up with pretty pearls and dresses
For the designers who share incredible messages
It matters to the people who use it as armour against the world
To feel protected and beautiful
Expressing their authentic self through fine fabrics and high heels
But for me, it’s a type of magic that lingers in the air
Pushing the boundaries and sparking much needed conversations
What does fashion mean to you?
The consumer, influencer, creative, parent.

Fashion is often viewed as a frivolous, ephemeral industry that many overlook or disregard the global impact it holds. Choosing to focus on the darker aspects such as exploitation, lack of diversity or environmental impact. These are all real issues, but fashion also has the ability to provide jobs, make political statements and shapes identities. Sharing three ways fashion matters to me and the role it plays in wider society. Let me know if you can relate.

Bold Stripes, Ankara Prints & Blogger Fashion Photography During Lockdown

Every morning we have a choice to make, an act of self-expression through our wardrobe choices. Personally, my style communicates confidence, an ambivert personality and more recently, comfort. Make your voice heard, leave a lasting impression. Starting conversations through statements like empower women (H&M), ten commandments of new girl order (New Girl Order), blindly in love (Beyoncé) and Ariana Grande (Primark). Just a few of my favourite t-shirts that I wear regularly, sharing feminist energy, women empowerment and music.

Glitter, Sunshine & Pastel Dresses Fashion Still Matters
Pop Culture

Fashion holds a dialogue with society, it takes into account the wider culture. Designers share their frustrations about politics, diversity, the industry all through their art. I particularly adored how Ashish responded to Brexit through his SS17 collection. It was a beautiful message of inclusivity.

Think throughout time the political statements that have been shared through fashion. The Black Panther Party signified power through black leather jackets, berets and sunglasses. More recently, Beyoncé and Jay-Z pushed the culture by filming ApeS**t at the Louvre museum. Exhibiting their power through power suits, luxurious fabrics, designer gowns and jewellery.

Fashion Still Matters Through Statements, Pop Culture & Bold Prints
Identity Reimagined

We’re free to express ourselves completely without the fear of judgement. To share our naked truth with the world, if we choose to do so. Although some aren’t as accepting as others, fashion allows us to feel accepted, a part of a community. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know identity plays close to the heart. I’ve shared poetry on the topic, created a photography series and even participated in campaign. There’s power in authenticity, share your truth beauties.

You’re beautiful and so is your story
Rise up, share your truth
How you identify with the world
We only elevate through love and unity
So I stand behind you all the way
A comforting voice when you’re down
Breath of fresh air
Just know someone’s in your corner
Now and always.

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3 Reasons Why Fashion Still Matters Today By UK Fashion Blogger Tajinder Kaur

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