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Wanderlust: 3 Reasons Why I Love To Travel & Explore

Wanderlust: 3 Reasons Why I Love To Travel & Explore

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The importance of travel
Discovering the wonders of the world
The charm and sparkle each city holds
Opening up to fresh perspectives, ones you never knew existed
A new way of observing the world, through the lens of adventure
Experiencing it first hand, rather than relying on media depictions
A narrow-minded viewpoint, with self-serving actions
Beauty lies everywhere, even in the journey
Experience life one city at a time
The distinct culture, food and representation
Gain a balanced outlook
Living like a local or a day of sightseeing
Experience it all by booking the first flight
Travelling to an unknown destination
Let the excitement begin.

Once again wanderlust is banging at the door, thanks to our good old friend – social media. Scrolling through picturesque sights of Bali, Tenerife and Budapest has me searching on Skyscanner for potential trips. It may not be a luxurious island but, I do have a city break happening in October to Amsterdam. Looking forward to the girl’s trip, a birthday celebration and being abroad. Until then, I’ll keep my wanderlust at bay by telling you why I love to travel so much.

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I’m fascinated by culture, being able to travel and experience it first hand is honestly amazing. One way I embrace culture is through learning about history through museums and art exhibitions. The art depicts the past, present and a potential version of the future. I always leave inspired after visiting art exhibits. Bursting with ideas for my own work and gaining a fresh perspective from other creatives. Some people never get the opportunity to travel out of their city, let alone their country. It’s sad to think they won’t experience the authentic culture of a foreign land.

Food, Fashion & Music

Good food, fashion sense and music is the way to my heart. Each city has its own flavour, distinguishing itself from the rest of the country. Do some research before you travel. I personally search for the best restaurants, must try dishes and local bars or music cafés. We may stock food of other nations, but the taste can’t compete with the authentic dishes and ingredients. Take pizza as an example, a dish we all enjoy. I had the pleasure of travelling to Italy last summer and had the best pizza experience. For a similar food experience in the UK, Zizzi is my go-to place. As for fashion, I usually treat myself to an outfit as a souvenir towards the end of the trip. Keeping the memories alive by simply opening my wardrobe. An added bonus is no-one will have a similar outfit back home.

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An itinerary filled with tourist attractions and hidden gems the locals adore. Experiencing the best of both worlds is how I personally explore a city. Capturing the iconic sights, street style and interesting events all on my trusted Sony Alpha 7. What do you love about travelling?

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