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5 Things I’ve Learned Through Blogging

5 Things I’ve Learned Through Blogging

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How do you progress if you don’t take a minute to reflect? Through blogging I have learned so much, it’s not an easy process as non-bloggers would like to believe. Time, effort and energy go into each post, from concept, writing, photography, editing, promotion and everything in between. Today I wanted to share five things blogging has taught me over the years.

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Consistency Is Key

For any profession, business or hobby you pursue, consistency is the key to progress and actively see results. Over the years, I’ve been preoccupied with education and balancing a social life that blogging took a back seat, so much so that there was never any consistency. I blogged when I needed a release, a form of artistic expression, thoughts spilt onto a page, but it’s time to take it seriously. Noticing my peers being consistent with their content, increasing their engagement and getting offered various opportunities was a reality check to get myself in gear. Having a conversation with myself, asking the all-important question, how much do you want this? As much as you want to breathe?


I’m ready a voice replied.

Once my motivation was determined I set off on the task of creating an editorial calendar, slowly getting into the habit of scheduling social media platforms and engaging with fellow creatives. My advice, create a game plan and work daily on how to go above and beyond.

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Find Your Tribe

Blogging can get lonely as it involves writing posts in the isolation of your own home. Occasionally you may venture out to a cute café. With the right group of friends, it can become a cheerful process. Collaborating, attending events together, supporting and encouraging one another.

You may be wondering what tribe is right for you? One piece of advice, be your authentic self, don’t compromise. You attract what you are. If you think you’re creative, you’ll find others who match and love your creativity. Social media can be a great tool for finding your tribe. Whether it’s through an engaging Twitter conversation or sliding in your DMs with a compliment.

I appreciate all the beauties I’ve met who love me for me – it’s honestly a great feeling.

Show Up For Your Readers

Create content you enjoy, but remember to help your readers as well. Catch their interests, inspire and educate. Fashion week is an ideal time for style bloggers to create quality content. Sharing the latest trends, how to turn catwalk looks into everyday outfits or style inspiration from attendees. Perhaps you have a young demographic who attend university or college. Find key dates like back to school or exam season, then plan content revolving those topics. Share revision tips, effective study methods or how to balance studying and relaxation. The key point here is to show up for readers and they’ll most likely do the same for you.

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Discover Side Hustles & Hidden Talents

Through blogging, many have discovered and unlocked hidden potential in various fields. Whether it’s a hobby or a side hustle, it offers their audience a little extra. Photographers capturing the scene, designers creating playful garments whilst some develop a flair for styling. Tapping into untouched creativity, I love seeing the results of my peers, it only inspires me further. Popular creations tend to be colourful illustrations, podcasts discussing heartfelt topics and creative writing in the form of e-books. Freelancing, especially in the beginning can be difficult. Depop (fashion), Etsy (art/stationary), and Soundcloud (music/podcasts) offer an extra platform where you can support the hustle of your favourites.

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We’re quick to support name brands, but don’t overlook freelancers, small businesses and start-ups.

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Don’t Be Afraid

It’s not always about numbers in this game, show personality and engage with your audience. Many want to relate to the individual, rather than be promoted at 24/7. Don’t be afraid to show a new side of yourself. One that your audience doesn’t usually experience through reading. It may feel daunting, especially if you’re shy or have anxiety. Take it one step at a time, progress (no matter how small) adds up over time.

My motto in life is you create your own opportunities. Reach out to other creatives, pitch to brands – if you don’t ask, you’ll be left with what if’s.

Want a collaboration? Pitch the idea.
Want a book? Start writing.
Want to be a stylist? Showcase your style and new finds.
Have an idea? Plan and execute it.
There’s an event? Attend, even if you’re alone, you can make friends.

It’s simple, let your passion be bigger than your fears, don’t let your mind feed into the doubts, brush it off and continue.

What has blogging taught you?

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