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5 Self-Care Tips You Need This Winter Season

5 Self-Care Tips You Need This Winter Season

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We’re flawed individuals
Constantly making errors, yet learning from each one
Improving daily
Expanding the mind, balancing energies and helping humanity
In order to do this
Do you believe in your sauce?
The magic you possess?
Raised on hip-hop, motivational speakers and confidence
I believe in myself
The same way every hip-hop artist believes they’re the GOAT.

We all experiences doubts, insecurities and low moods. When these situations occur, you need to bounce back. Sharing five tips to make you feel your best this season and all year round.

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Talk It Out

Turn to your best friend, a relative or someone you trust. Communicate your thoughts, feelings and simply vent the issues out. You’ll feel a weight has been lifted once you actually speak about an issue. If a conversation isn’t what you need, ask for a hug. Human contact, whether it’s a conversation or physical touch can ease stress. A weighted blanket also delivers results, as it replicates the feeling of a hug.

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Animal Adoration

How can you feel stressed when a fluffy face is looking back at you? Interacting with animals releases all the good hormones that we need to feel our best this season. That doesn’t mean head out and get yourself a pet, especially if you can’t commit to it. There are various alternative options available. Pet sitting your friend’s cat, walking a neighbour’s dog or heading to a cat café.

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Keeping a gratitude journal allows us to truly be grateful for life and the limited time we have on Earth. Every night, before you sleep, write five things that you were grateful for. It’s optional if you want to go into detail about each thing listed. I’ll get the ball rolling. Today I’m grateful for video calls, music, safe spaces, journaling and homemade meals.

  • Video Calls – allows us to stay connected regardless of distance.
  • Music – boosts spirits in under three minutes.
  • Safe Spaces – provides comfort, relaxation and the ability to be vulnerable
  • Journaling – allows creativity to flourish whilst organising and expressing emotions
  • Homemade Meals – nothing beats a tasty meal made with love and spice.
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Soak Up Sceneries

When we think of self-care, a relaxing bath is usually at the top of the list. We’re well versed in the department of bath salts, bath bombs, rose petals, candles etc. Nature can brighten moods. Embrace the natural beauty, have a picnic at the park, a riverside stroll or fly out to another city.

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Happy Meals

And I’m not talking about McDonald’s. The feel-good snacks and meals that boost our energy and happiness levels. Nutrition doesn’t mean compromising on taste or your go-to comfort food. It means making small changes that benefit your body. For example, swapping crisps for nuts or fizzy drinks for infused water. If you need inspiration, try green smoothies, egg sandwiches, peanut butter rice cakes or pesto pasta. They all provide some form of nutrition.

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  • Great post girl – self-care at any time of the year is important but in Winter when the weather is sometimes dreary and the days are dark, it’s great to take that little bit of extra care. I love your point about gratitude and nature xxx

  • Winter is a time when I think we need self-care more than ever, it’s so cold and miserable outside. These are great tips though, especially the one about borrowing a friend’s pet, there’s nothing like spending time with an animal to get things in perspective and to make you feel all warm inside! x

  • Great post with some wonderful tips! I really appreciate and agree with your tip about animal love; it really does make a huge difference. I am currently trying to “show up for myself,” whether that means working out daily or eating more healthy foods, which in turn makes me feel as though I’m doing all that I can to be a better version of myself. It’s a little tough, but it also makes me feel my best. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great post! There are some really good tips here. I’m not good for remembering to let other people in and appreciate the comfort and advice just being able to talk to someone can bring, and this is reminding me that I really need to.

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