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5 Statement Earrings To Brighten Any Winter Outfit

5 Statement Earrings To Brighten Any Winter Outfit

Gold Earrings Mini Collection Flatlay

Coming in various shapes and sizes
Delighting the world with shimmer and shine
Occasionally subtle
But usually making a statement
Can you guess what I am?
Always in a pair
Adding magic to outfits, portraits and the mundane
For daily use to special occasions
I’m the sweet candy that glows from your earlobe.

What comes to mind when you think of winter style? Personally, my mind instantly travels to a sea full of beige, camel and black. A neutral palette screaming for a pop of colour. The best way to incorporate colour is through accessories. In this case, through five statement earrings, which one speaks to your personal style?

Gold Jewellery To Brighten Any Winter Outfit
Gems & Sparkly Earrings

It doesn’t need to be Christmas to shine bright. Let your accessories take the spotlight for the night. Coming in various shapes and sizes, sparkly earrings will always catch the attention of many. In my opinion, they’re appropriate for all occasions. Afternoon tea with the girls, cocktails with colleagues or dinner with your partner.

Winter Brights (Neons)

Bold, bright colours are usually associated with summer. Ignore the norms, break the rules and look fabulous whilst doing it all. Adding a pop of colour, you never need much with neon options. Hoop earrings and a matching handbag are all a winter outfit requires. Giving you the right amount of pizazz. I mostly shop on the high-street for earrings. My go-to brands are Primark, New Look and occasionally River Island.

Bold Colourful Earrings For Any Season UK Fashion Blogger
Detailed Earrings

The intricate little details, especially in Punjabi jewellery, add an air of beauty and sophistication to a look. I’ve been trying to merge my two styles together. One way is through my choice of accessories. This actually led me to create a style series called London to Punjab.

Drop Earrings

Let me set the scene, slick your hair back in a low bun, ponytail or plait. Add red lipstick and a pair of drop earrings. Ideal for evening occasions, glam, with a hint of drama. My favourite pair are from Accessorize that I bought over three years ago. They’re a subtle colour, mixed textures and work with most outfits.

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Nasty Galaxy, Cher Quotes & Gold Earrings
Gold Earrings

My go-to style for the past two years. Regardless of style, statement or dainty, if it has a gold finish, I’ll add it into my collection. On days where I’m rushing to get ready, I usually reach for a pair of signature plain hoops. I actually have too many to count. Coming in various sizes and styles, I can’t seem to get enough.

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5 Statement Earrings To Brighten Any Winter Outfit UK Fashion Blogger Tajinder Kaur

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