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5 Things I Love About Indian Culture

5 Things I Love About Indian Culture

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Let me take you through the thought process behind week six of #TheBlogRace. Listicles was the theme, make them relatable was the key and don’t forget to add a pinch of humour. Which only made me wonder, am I relatable? Am I funny? And then it hit me, like a chappal (slipper), desi families are hilarious, and I’m apart of one, so without further ado welcome to 5 Things I Love About Indian Culture.

Sat sri akal
What comes to mind when Indian is mentioned?
Well let me give you some context
Apagg (turban)
Patiala sahi, dumalla dastar, morni
Are just a few of the styles
Long beards
Lion mentality
Are clear signifiers that a Singh is present
Well I’m the female version
A lioness by nature
You see the kara (bracelet) on my arm
A reminder of God’s work
A blessed individual
Who wants to help the people
Appreciation for the little things
Despite all the struggles
My culture is strong
Full of love and service
Avoiding confrontation
Peace is at the forefront
Warriors and poets
That’s the nature of my community
Raised by the culture
Sticking by one another
I’m about to share my favourite parts
Are you ready?

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aroma of spices
flavours fusing
ways to win my heart
through a hot beverage
masala tea.

In the same way that majority of the world needs coffee to function, chai is my liquid hug, morning fuel and sweet surprise. We’re in a committed relationship, a sense of familiarity, no longer a want, it’s a need.


intricate designs
colour all around
vibrancy is the result.

It all begins with six yards of sheer elegance, various prints, fabrics and styles to decide upon. Kurta pyjama, salwar kameez, frock suit and a sari are among the options. Once created, don’t forget the accessories, golden jewels hanging from ears, draped across necks and sparkling from arms. An occasion fit for a princess (Kaur) which coincidently the middle name of Punjabi women means. Moving onto a new season, dual identity and the younger generation indo-western clothing is becoming popular worldwide. I know I’m following quite a few influencers on Instagram with this style, I personally adore it.

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you can’t help but smile
bop your head to the tune
and enjoy the entertainment

Punjabi folk dances are full of high energy, traditional instruments and colourful attire. Bhangra makes regular appearances in Bollywood films in very unlikely situations. One minute there’s a meaningful conversation and the next scene happens on a mountaintop, where everyone seems to know the dance and syncs instantly. Another example is during clubbing when that one Asian song comes on (which I don’t actually like). Everyone enthusiastically begins turning the lightbulb, I love seeing the attempts.


the woman who sacrifices
gives so much love
is a savage in disguise.

You think the yoghurt and ice-cream have been restocked, you go to open it, only to receive a surprise of your life. What’s inside? Daal. (Lentils). Congratulations, you just played yourself. This happened to me too often during my childhood. Desi mothers will always make sure you’re well fed, especially if you’re a guest in their homes, you’re treated to a similar extent as God. Another example, she’s a savage with words, the fear she instilled whilst growing up, she never had to reach for the chappal, utterance of a phrase or two, you refrain from it yourself.

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expand your mind
learn about your background
music opened my curiosity.

Due to recent years, I’ve become more curious about my background, heritage and culture. I’m more interested in the stories, the rich history we hold and I owe it all to music. Artists like Humble The Poet, Noyz, Fateh and many more open my eyes about knowledge, they encourage me to find out more. I remember watching a performance of Humble on YouTube (many years ago), he ended his set saying, F Gandhi. I was shocked but it made me ask why. A few hours later, research completed, I realised why and noticed my own ignorance.

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– Friend: this is too spicy
Me: first of all that’s a gulab jamun (sweet)

– Me: my head hurts
Mum: first of all, sara din phone te laghe rein de (you’re always on your phone)

– Me: love you mum
Mum: ki chaida? (what do you want?)

– Me: mujse dosti karoge? (will you be my friend?)
Stranger: no new friends, no new friends, no, no new

What do you enjoy about your culture?

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