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Are Bruised Egos The Reason Men Cheat?

Are Bruised Egos The Reason Men Cheat?

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Continuing with the His & Her series, battling bruised egos, infidelity and trust issues. Relationships require patience and transparency, communication is key. Don’t assume your partner will understand your perspective, insecurities or frustrations. Only when you decide to share, to vocalise your thoughts will they truly understand. Exploring the age old question, why do men cheat?

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(His Perspective)

I can’t stand when you’re ignoring me
I get frustrated and call you names
But why would you be cool with that?
You make me feel like there’s another man
Paranoid, watching from the side-lines
Waiting for this all to end so you can run off with him
Choosing you every day, even when your words bruise my ego
I still look at you the same, the woman I love and adore
Tied together for years with a solid foundation
Our bond could never break
Unless Becky with the good hair comes to play
That was a lapse in judgement
Lust won over logic
Did you see her big behin- I mean?
I don’t care for her the way I do with you.

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(Her Perspective)

You don’t respect me
Instead you take my love for granted
Expecting me to always be around
Feeling more like a maid than an equal partner
How did we get to this stage?
Did my words do this much damage or was your ego too small?
You don’t even compliment me anymore
Cute messages and surprises have gone out the window
We don’t even see eye-to-eye
Instead your eyes are wondering on that girls behind
What’s her name, Becky with the good hair?

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Bruised Egos

How you handle a bruised ego can either damage or strengthen a relationship. It bubbles down to one factor, attitude. Listen to understand, not to reply. If issues aren’t resolved feelings of jealousy, resentment and fear grow, causing turmoil. Unfortunately, not everyone confronts the issue of ego, instead some choose to escape. This could lead to infidelity, distancing or heading back to the club.

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Trust Issues

People grow, things change but trust is the one constant in any healthy relationship. Be real from your first text to your first date. Of course, impress and intrigue one another, but don’t mislead. If you’re not the type to text every day, don’t mislead in the beginning during the dating stage. Otherwise later down the line, you’ll hear the words you’ve changed, but you’ll be thinking these are my true colours.

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I got an unsolicited lecture the other day on why men cheat. According to him, it’s based on three reasons. A knock to the male ego, adding to pre-existing pressures and availability. I got advised to watch my words, help resolve stress and occasionally be unavailable. Would you agree with these points?

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Are Bruised Egos The Reason Men Cheat? (His & Her Series)

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Are Bruised Egos The Reason Men Cheat? UK Fashion Blog Tajinder Kaur

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