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New Season Autumn Evening Routine

New Season Autumn Evening Routine

Scented Candles Autumn Evening Routine

Bask in the sunshine
A piece of art as mother nature changes
From hot temperatures to cooler climates
Simply authentic
A never-ending cycle
Entering into a new season
Full of neutrals and earth tones
Remove the mask of makeup that conceals your identity
The one that hides your quirks
The beauty marks, freckles and bags under your eyes
From the night before, working odd hours
Wishing for a pop of colour on the lips and cheeks
As stylists transform you into a beautiful vision
A modern muse straying from pop culture
Requiring self-love, warmth and pampering sessions
Temporarily fresh-faced
Adopting an autumn evening routine for the season ahead
Specialising in skincare
Naturally glowing than relying on highlighters
Or products that enhance your appearance
Opting for natural solutions
A reminder of my childhood
The home remedies my parents used to create
Chemical free and full of flavour.

New Season Beauty & Self-Love Routine

During spring and summer, I like to have colourful makeup, glitter undertones and sparkles. However, when a new season comes along, my makeup style changes to beige, burnt orange and dusty pink tones. Keeping it subtle yet chic for the colder seasons. Makeup isn’t the focus of this post, I wanted to share my Sunday autumn evening routine. Slowly showing myself more love. I haven’t committed to a daily routine just yet but thought I would share my weekly system. If you have a simple daily routine please share it in the comments below. To produce the best results a daily routine would be ideal, but honestly, when it comes to beauty, I can get lazy so simplicity is what I’m looking for.

Due to the cooler temperatures, my skin requires more love. I begin the evening with either a face mask or a cleanser and Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub from Lush whilst preparing the bath. Think of a relaxing atmosphere with bubbles, bath oils and candles. During my bath, I wash my hair, shave and massage my skin with the jets. To keep my hair healthy, I use Argan Hair Therapy from Superdrug. It’s effective, smells like a tropical paradise and best of all, you only need a small amount. My skin gets dry easily, I keep it moisturised with Revuele Argan Oil Cream Butter. Can you tell I adore argan oil? It has so many beneficial properties, you can’t blame me, you should join me instead.

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The next step in my routine involves warmth. A blanket, my Next Chiltern candle that I received in a goody bag and a flavourful cup of chai. Depending on how I feel, sometimes I add a kick of ginger to spice things up. After my chai is finished, I either begin to write for my blog, read a chapter or two of a book or watch a movie. It depends on my mood and what’s happening in my household. A family movie night is always a fun way to end the evening, it’s even more special as it happens rarely. What’s a part of your evening routine?

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