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Wellness & Self-Care, Bath & Soaps Review [AD]

Wellness & Self-Care, Bath & Soaps Review [AD]

Vibrant Beauty Flatlay & Exotic Natural Bath Bombs

A relaxed ambience greets us every Sunday
The bathroom becomes a paradise of beautiful scents
Unwinding in a bath full of bubbles, rose petals and salts
Reaching for the latest bath bomb to add excitement to the mix
Hoping to feel de-stressed, moisturised and fabulous
But will these wishes become reality?
The industry of money, glamour and alleged benefits
Influenced to spend by popular beauty and lifestyle creatives
But how well do you know your products?

Fashion Books, Self-Care & Bath Products

Walking through aisles of beauty products can get overwhelming quickly. Each item screaming for attention, marketing itself with bold colour. All hoping to be purchased and head to a new home. Carefully consider each option. The proven results, negative associations and most importantly, the ingredients.

We may have fewer worries when it comes to our beauty products but that’s not a cause for ignorance. Educate yourself and make an informed decision. Unlike the U.S. cosmetic regulations in Europe are monitored thoroughly. Having banned over 1,300 chemicals in comparison to a measly 11 outlawed by the U.S. We shouldn’t rely on rules and regulations. It’s time to do our own research and perhaps even turn to more natural methods of beauty.

Rosehip Olive Oil Soap Slice & Bath Bombs
Lather, Rinse, Glow

I would like to thank Bath & Soaps* for gifting me some bath products. They’re a small business run by two healthcare professionals who understand the importance of self-care. We need to prioritise our health, even if it’s for twenty minutes a day. The perfect way to unwind involves pampering.

Step away from the chemical filled products, this is the era of natural ingredients and essential oils. A slice of aromatherapy through rosehip olive oil soap. It has the ability to even skin tone, with a scent so delicate it creates a relaxed ambience. Every time I use the soap slice I get transported to an exotic paradise. It leaves my body feeling soft and refreshed.

Wellness, Self-Care, Bath & Soaps Review
Skincare Routine, Lather, Rinse, Glow
Cleansed, Nourished & Moisturised
Relaxed Paradise

Bath bombs will always be my favourite product. The colourful exterior, wonderful scents and occasionally there’s a magical surprise waiting inside. Whether that’s rose petals becoming free once again, a glitter explosion, or a multi-coloured situation.

I was lucky to be gifted with two bath bombs. The first, a Bubble-gum Jumbo Bath Bomb, with a scent that reminded me of my childhood. The added shea butter was a beautiful addition, as it left my skin feeling smoother and relaxed.

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Heading to yet another tropical paradise through the Watermelon Coco Bath Bomb. Scents from a sweet foreign land, exhibiting vibrant colours and resulting in a relaxed state of mind. This bath bomb will leave you feeling cleansed, nourished and moisturised. Exactly what I need in my chaotic lifestyle.

Bath & Soaps even offer bath bombs specifically for stress, PMT, colds and much more. Blends of essential oils and bath salts help create a wonderful experience. No matter the mood, you’ll end the bath feeling lighter, happier and relaxed. Knowing each ingredient was impacting the body positively is an added bonus. Let me know, would you consider natural bath products?

Disclaimer: (AD) gifted collaboration with *Bath & Soaps. Any items sent for review are written about honestly and all opinions are my own.

Bath & Soaps Jumbo Bubblegum Bath Bomb

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