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Book Review: Super-Women by Janina Scarlet [AD]

Book Review: Super-Women by Janina Scarlet [AD]

Super-Women Self-Help Book Review, Lifestyle Blogger Tajinder Kaur

Looking towards the light
Starry-eyed, filled with hope
But sometimes the darkness creeps up on me
One day it may consume me
Like a thief in the night.

Healing doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process. It begins with one decision. You have to be willing to accept help, feel vulnerable and be open-minded. I’m finally returning to my roots, the home within myself. No longer running from place-to-place or filling a void. When running is no longer an option, you begin to face yourself and the traumas that were suppressed. Spring cleaning the mind, body and soul. Getting rid of the old that no longer serves a purpose.

Superhero Therapy For Women Dr Janina Scarlet Book Review

Society can feel overwhelming, from not fitting in with beauty ideals to victim shaming. It makes sense why women would be twice as likely to experience anxiety than men. 1 in 5 women suffer from mental health disorders, like depression and anxiety. Super-Women helps each reader become a superhero in real life. Building emotional safety, breaking from negative thought patterns and connecting with our core values – among other things.

Battle Mental Health With Superhero Therapy Super-Women Blogger Review
Amulet of Vulnerability

Initially, I was feeling sceptical, wondering what Janina Scarlet could teach me through Super-Women. I decided to give it a chance, reading it with an open mind. I’m glad I pushed through as chapter four was the turning point. It allowed me to embrace my vulnerabilities, analyse and heal with them. It gave me insight into my personal struggles, acknowledging my fears, triggers and vulnerabilities. As I continued, chapter by chapter. I was able to practice self-compassion, mindfulness and broke free from negative thought patterns.

The more we run, bury or hide from an issue, the bolder it will return.

Healing Through Therapy Battling Anxiety & Depression
Magic of Connection

We all deserve a safe space, a sanctuary, with our favourite people supporting and encouraging us. Studies show that emotional deprivation can negatively affect our physical and psychological health. Don’t bottle it up, voice your concerns to a friend or ask for that hug you so desperately need. There’s no shame in being vulnerable. We’re human with intense emotions, taught to be silent, but let’s rewrite the rules. I can admit I’ve been guilty of bottling everything up, shocking my friends when I reveal the reality years later. I’m trying to be more open, I’m still learning and figuring it all out slowly.

Breaking down the different types of communications, attachment types and love languages. This chapter gives a clear insight on how we interact and understand our loved ones. Encouraging the reader to articulate better to get every feeling across with the iceberg model of connection.

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The Magic Of Connection Chapter 5 Super-Women Dr Janina Scarlet
Final Verdict

After completing Super-Women, engaging in each exercise and feeling inspired, I would highly recommend. I honestly felt empowered, standing strong among others. The powerful stories of overcoming rape, OCD, cancer, domestic violence and eating disorders shows you’re not alone in this journey. Own your scars, they’re what makes you shine. Heal and transform, into the empress that you truly are.

Book Review Super-Women By Dr Janina Scarlet UK Blog Tajinder Kaur

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