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Born To Lose With A Target On Our Back

Born To Lose With A Target On Our Back

Standing With The Oppressed, The Minorities, Monochrome Handprint Portrait Photography

I stand with the oppressed, the minorities, the voiceless
With my fist up high, screaming power to the people
Sounds like the 1960s-hippie subculture
Yet the year’s actually 2020 and nothing’s changed
Fuck the police, the politician and everyone in between
Silence is betrayal, I’m addressing the issue
Society can’t thrive like this
I can’t take it anymore
Another child dead, innocent, in cold blood
The only consequence that follows, suspension or getting fired
Where’s the justice in that?
Even with a video clip of the altercation
A murderer still roams free, why is that?
Why’s there a need to use excessive force?
What is it you fear?
I refuse to be silenced, instead I’ll scream even louder
Let me remind you of freedom of speech
The power of expression without retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction.

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Black culture is appropriated daily yet their individual lives are seen as replaceable. Worth less than the oppressor. This isn’t anything new, it’s been happening for decades. Cries ignored, injustices overlooked. It’s not the time to stay quiet, silence doesn’t help the situation. There’s power in unity, this issue goes beyond one community. A matter for humanity to address, how can one group thrive as another suffers? Experiencing police brutality, institutionalised racism and culture appropriation. A conversation needs to occur. It may feel uncomfortable, awkward to others, but it’s one that needs to happen.

Let Me Live, Head Up High, Monochrome Photography Addressing Police Brutality & Racism

“I’m so glad I’m not in America”
But the UK isn’t exempt from this dilemma
Remember Mark Duggan, Michael Powell, Sarah Reed
They all had families who shed a tear for their babies
Until the colour of your skin is the target, you’ll never understand the issue
That’s heart-breaking, when did your empathy decide to leave?
Unlearn societal norms, challenge the stereotypes, dive into the uncomfortable reality
Start a conversation about an exploited community
You can’t ignore this issue, it’s parked up on your doorstop
So, what are you going to do now?

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I decided to channel my energy into my art. Sharing a poetry collection addressing police brutality, download Born To Lose With A Target On Our Back now. It’s time we rethink our narrative, especially the South Asian community, that’s been eerily quiet. Loving yourself is a rebellious act, but standing in unity with your fellow man that’s revolutionary. Spread the message, be active, black lives matter today, tomorrow and for years to come. It all begins with you, share to your socials, with your colleagues or friends and family.

Black Lives Matter, Addressing Police Brutality, Bloody Hands Photography Concept

Born To Lose With A Target On Our Back, Addressing Police Brutality & Human Morality

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