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Brighten Her Mother’s Day With A Heartfelt Poem

Brighten Her Mother’s Day With A Heartfelt Poem

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Your voice is all I need to hear
That familiar sound I once took for granted
Now I desperately crave
A phone call away
Or sitting pretty in another galaxy
My magical star, guardian angel
Guiding my way through those difficult days
Reminding me to stay strong
This shattered world is a test
You equipped with the right tools
To create a life larger than our dreams
Nostalgia hits
The memories you shared of days you struggled
Was silenced and ignored
For you, I’ll roar
The reason why I’m driven
A product of a lioness
Say hello to her little cub
How well do you play the game?
The field has never been even
Fighting through the noise
All to celebrate the mothers of the world
The ones by our side every night
The dearly departed and those yearning to become one
Today we celebrate you all
Happy Mother’s Day.

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One day isn’t enough to show my gratitude to the mothers of the world. It can become difficult, dealing with unspoken battles, yet pushing forward relentlessly. Ensuring we’re fed, have a roof over our head and face no stresses all before bed. There are so many words to describe mothers, strong would be an understatement. For the sacrifices, late-night classes and making every wish possible. A warrior would suit you so much better, fighting through it all, the perfect example of pure royalty. Setting the standard, how could we disappoint?

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Living in a capitalist society, yet your presence is priceless. Warm energy that has the ability to instantly calm down a frantic child. Sharing wisdom to the vast questions I ask. The bond we share is unlike any other, connected to you for eternities to come. For every mother that birthed us, raised us, punished us, protected us, educated us, and loved us despite our flaws… we love you.

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Brighten Her Mother's Day With A Heartfelt Poem Tajinder Kaur

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