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Classic Élan Package (Identity Photography Series)

Classic Élan Package (Identity Photography Series)

Palm Trees, Silk Blouse & Landmark Hotel

Élan (noun)
Energy, style and enthusiasm.

The second shoot of the identity series took me to Marylebone to meet the lovely Anishka. A beautiful location filled with lavish detailing, known as The Landmark Hotel. The ideal London setting for capturing lavish fashion photography, a luxuriously style with high-street pieces. London has many hidden gems, it was refreshing to shoot in this venue. The energy, enthusiasm and extravagance of the hotel was a delight to experience. Complimenting each other perfectly, the hotel only added to the effortlessly chic styling of Anishka. I feel we captured the theme élan in a timeless manner.

Blogger Fashion Photography At London Landmark Hotel

London Landmark Hotel & Fashion Photography

An extraordinary flair
Fierce and fabulous is what I hear
Packaged in luxury and extravagance
With a location to match
Grand stairs, high ceilings and a classic piano
Channel that exact energy
Patterns inspired by foreign lands
Colours of royalty
A representation of a goddess walks among the
The message of today
Know your worth in a society that’s quick to forget.

Deemed as inferior to the man
Yet we’re never down for too long
An existence of constant celebration and confrontation
Possessing a power that’s beyond imagination
As she walks towards you
Moving with elegance and grace
The fire ignites from within
A foreign feeling or a sense of familiarity?
I’ll let you decide my love.

Respect is so definitive
If he can’t provide, then there’s no giving in
Don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem
Dulling your own shine, what’s that going to get?
Compromises, sacrifices, these are your decisions
Don’t settle for a five when you really are a ten
Hindering your own progression
Don’t be fooled by the misconceptions
She no longer believes in love
But I believe in her and love believes in us
What was the message again?
Know your worth in a society that’s quick to forget.

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