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Dating & Alcohol – Is It Really Black & White?

Dating & Alcohol – Is It Really Black & White?

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Some may say 2020 is cancelled, I’d disagree, it’s the year of growth. The energy’s different, change seems to be on the horizon. Awakening the masses to various situations. Coronavirus highlights the enormity of the climate crisis. Police brutality has us educating ourselves on racism and white fragility. Pride reminds us of the Stonewall Riots (New York, 1969) and as it’s June, the Sikh Genocide (Punjab, 1984).

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere (Martin Luther King, Jr). I’m dedicating this month to making an impact, educating myself further on history, sociology and self-love. Bringing awareness to topics that need addressing. Last week I discussed police brutality and released my first e-book Born To Lose With A Target On Our Back. This week focuses on the his and her perspective in the dating scene, miscommunication and alcohol abuse.

Discussing Alcohol Abuse During First Stages Of Dating UK Fashion Blogger
(Her Perspective)

In the club missing you
Drowning in my sorrows while you f**k somebody else
Deep rooted pain so I turn to the bottle
It’s 3am, I can’t help but ring you
The brown liquor has me floating
Emotions running high, I’m losing my mind
Ring-ring, ring-ring, only to be left with silence
Perhaps that’s for the best, you’d say I need guidance
That I’m far from a diamond, in fact I’m much more defiant
You were supposed to be mine
I caught feelings, but it was a game to you, one of lust and passion
I don’t know why love made me settle for you
You’ll soon be irrelevant, out of fashion
So I pour another drink, toast it to you and continue to pull through.

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(His Perspective)

I hate it when she drinks, I just don’t understand it
I feel she’s playing games, afraid to share her pain
If she doesn’t open up, am I really to blame?
I think about her regularly, but I also need company
The pleasure of a warm embrace to the feeling of ecstasy
Miss calls at 3am, she’s been hitting the clubs again
Saw her name, rolled my eyes and went back to sleep
I wonder if she’ll ever abstain from the colourful concoctions
But she enjoys the lifestyle, the taste of champagne
I thought she’d once be mine, my sweet candy cane
Things have changed, I’m feeling deranged
Chasing after her with tears and laughter
Only to be met with a door slammed in my face, an utter disaster
Heard that’s what the drink does so I head to the club
Just to drown my sorrows and f**k somebody else.

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We all want the happily ever after, but it can feel difficult to obtain. Even more so in this modern generation of social media and endless options. Communication is vital, but we navigate the dating scene by dancing around issues, abiding by the dating norms.

  • Ladies you can’t text first
  • Also, don’t look too eager, wait a couple hours to respond
  • Are we exclusive, should I confess my feelings?
  • Are our feelings mutual or am I misreading the signals?

Many of us overthink which can lead to passive-aggressive behaviour. Don’t listen to the rules, pave your own path. If you want to message first, do it. If you want to be exclusive, share your feelings, make it known. Don’t let the fear of rejection send you in a downward spiral that you reach for the bottle. For some, dating can cause anxiety, perhaps there’s a sinister side that no-one really acknowledges. I’ve heard so many stories on heartache, that could have been resolved by a simple conversation. Instead, the relationship ended before it could even begin. After reading this post, I encourage you to shot your shoot, share your feelings and you might just get a pleasant surprise.

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  • Where are you trousers from in these photos? They are gorgeous! This is a fab post too – there’s certainly very different attitudes towards dating isn’t there? I don’t date as I’m in a long term relationship but I also don’t drink either!

    • Thank you girlie, I love them too, they’re from I Saw It First. I feel there’s three perspectives to every story and topic, it just depends if we’re willing to listen.


  • It’s been many years since I dated as I’m married but I can still remember how easy it is to misinterpret things in a new relationship. And alcohol was definitely no help either! Lisa x

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