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Eff The Beauty Standards This Summer, You Are Enough

Eff The Beauty Standards This Summer, You Are Enough

You Are Enough, Body Positivity In Summer 2020

Let me make a confession
The expectations of the world are weighing me down
Occasionally feeling vulnerable, afraid to be seen
Ripped apart and put back together
But never the same again
The strength a woman holds is incredible
Battling through inner demons and beauty standards
Reminding myself of the love I have to give
Not only to the world, but to the person within.

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We all experience insecurities from time-to-time. Whether they’re about body confidence, achieving goals or being financial free. I want to remind you to approach everything with kindness. Don’t allow your inner critic to belittle your progress. Summer is usually the season it becomes more vocal. Worrying about the opinions of others, how our body looks and if this outfit is appropriate. As the temperatures rise and we begin to shed layers, remember confidence is the best accessory.

Let this be the summer where you’re apologetically yourself. Rather than stressing about having a bikini body or covering up your insecurities. Just let go. Granted it’s easier said than done, but start walking towards that path. The power lies in your hands, muster up the courage and step out your house with joy. Rock your favourite crop top, sing without any care and dance like no-one’s watching. Life’s too short to live with worries, especially when it revolves around body image. Show your body the love it deserves with five self-love tips.

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I want to break free
Free from the expectations, beauty standards and heartache
But it seems I fell into a dark abyss
Don’t mark my value based on a temporary vessel
Look beyond to the soul that resides within instead.

Let me be candid for a minute, I preach about confidence but that doesn’t mean I’m never insecure. It can be hard to love your body, especially when you grow up in a culture with outdated beauty ideals. Where your appearance is fair game for anyone to comment upon. Imagine attending a family function only for your weight to be the topic of discussion. Thick thighs, curves, stretch marks and rolls, all things an Indian auntie would shame you on. – because who’s going to marry you if you’re fat?

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I’ve always been a rebel, never one to listen to the rules. I reject every ideal, one size doesn’t fit all, eff your beauty standards. Some days I may hide in wide leg pants and oversized t-shirts. Other days I’m freer, in cute crops tops and sporty pants that accentuate my assets. We need to stop equating self-worth to flat stomachs and fair skin, instead break the pattern. Change the narrative in conversations, diversify your social feeds and be an advocate for self-love.

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Smash The Patriarchy, Eff The Beauty Standards This Summer Body Positivity

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Eff The Beauty Standards This Summer, You Are Enough Body Positivity

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  • After spending so much time at home, I wonder if the beauty standards will lessen up a little. It would be nice if we could be a little more natural and less made up.

  • This post was such an empowering read, I LOVE all your encouraging and uplifting outlooks in regards to telling beauty standards to eff off! So much truth. I’m really trying to care less about what other’s think whilst embracing what I want to wear and being free confidence-wise ♥︎

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    • Aww, I’m glad you enjoyed the post Sophie, that makes me happy. My confidence actually grew during lockdown by surrounding myself with positivity, reflecting on life and making video content (not something I would do often). It’s refreshing to embrace myself fully.


  • Yesssss to this! Lockdown has seen me putting on so much weight but as long as my family love me then nothing else matters. Body confidence is hard at the best of times but we need to remember it’s who we are that matters, not what we look like. Great post! Lisa

    • Exactly Lisa. We’re only on this planet for a limited amount of time, we shouldn’t spend our existence worried about appearance. Instead, we should focus on positivity, love and good memories.


    • I absolutely agree Jenny, we all have experience insecurities from time-to-time, it’s how we respond to them which is important.


    • Aww, I’m happy you enjoyed it Nicola. We’re our own biggest critic at times, definitely start questioning and saying ‘eff that’ more often.


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