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Festive Playlist: Top Ten Christmas Selection

Festive Playlist: Top Ten Christmas Selection

Chocolate Iced Christmas Cupcakes

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, my excitement began in November with the Netflix film The Holiday Calendar getting me in the jolly mood. Spreading the festive magic, a beautiful love story and overall happiness with the ending song being Christmas Time by Quincy Brown. Music brings us together, especially on holidays, so today I’m sharing my top ten favourite festive jingles, are you ready to get into the spirit with my Christmas playlist? I decided to share a mix of classic Christmas tunes and a few modern songs with an upbeat tempo. Both categories would be ideal for a casual evening, festive party or a dinner. Grab a festive hot chocolate, snuggle up by the fireplace, or the couch, while I take you on a fun adventure.


Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms
It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Andy Williams
Sleigh Ride – Andy Williams
The Happiest Tree – Nat King Cole
Feliz Navidad – José Feliciano

Beginning with the classics, the first song on my playlist is Jingle Bell Rock. Every year a version of jingle bells is on my playlist, whether it’s the classic, a remix or a pop version. It’s a must-have song. Who remembers the winter talent show scene in Mean Girls? If that doesn’t make you want to add it to your playlist I’m not sure what will. Andy Williams has a wonderful voice for festive songs that I had to add Sleigh Ride and It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. The Happiest Tree is the epitome of a light-hearted and jolly song dedicated to the Christmas tree. This year when you begin decorating your home, don’t forget this pretty little song. Adding some cultural spice to the list is Feliz Navidad meaning Merry Christmas in Spanish.

Let It Snow Chocolate Christmas Cupcake


8 Days of Christmas – Destiny’s Child
Spread a Little Love on Christmas Day – Destiny’s Child
Christmas in Harlem – Kanye West
Sleigh Ride – TLC
Ho Ho Ho – Sia

Switching gears to a more modern selection of festive songs catering for the millennials or those who adore pop music. We begin this selection with R&B girl group Destiny’s Child. I particularly love their sound, meaning they made it onto the list twice, with 8 Days of Christmas and Spread a Little Love on Christmas Day. Sometimes we can get consumed with all the gifts and luxuries during this season, however, Destiny’s Child reminds us all that this season is about love, kindness and family. Then along came Kanye West to spread the stories of Christmas in Harlem. TLC brings a nostalgic feel to the Christmas song Sleigh Ride, bringing their own style and good cheer. We end the playlist with Ho Ho Ho by Sia, the perfect song to get you off your seats and dancing in the middle of the room.

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In collaboration with the lovely Emma, a beauty, lifestyle and parenting blogger. Don’t forget to see her Christmas playlist selection and show some love. What’s your favourite festive song?

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