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Girl Please, You Deserve Better, Here’s Why.

Girl Please, You Deserve Better, Here’s Why.

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Don’t let the world mistreat you
Your worth is more than they could ever comprehend
Life’s too short not to love yourself to the fullest extent
Your body is yours alone
Despite the opinions, laws and added taxes going against the female form
Continually sexualised until it becomes our norm
But I do everything with confidence and hold my own
Who do you love? Asked a little girl
Me, myself and I, every damn time
I’m a vibe, my own best friend, the one I lay with every night
She seemed surprised
I didn’t know we could answer that.

If you get asked the question who do you love the most and you don’t reply yourself, it’s time to revaluate things. Were you not aware that you can be answer? The more you love yourself, the less you look for validation and acceptance. When you understand your worth, no-one can fool you or play with your mind. Your confidence becomes undeniable. Let me ask you again, who do you love the most? I hope you answered yourself. You’re already winning, now it’s time to believe it. Sharing three reasons why you deserve better.

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You’re Powerful

Having conversations with the universe
Telling her there’s nothing left to admire
She said that’s why I put brought you here
You’re my vessel to create change
To bring beauty back to a society that’s left estranged.

You were placed here with a purpose, not to fit categories or be labelled for the understanding of others. Not here to dim your shine, blend in with the crowd or please the aesthetic of colonised eyes. Similar to the moon you transform over time. Even in fragments your energy’s undeniable, perhaps that’s what makes them afraid. Stop denying yourself of greatest, unblock your blessings, you’re about to make history. When they try to underestimate you again, channel every sleeping dragon. Remind them even the universe has a breaking point.

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Happiness Looks Beautiful On You

The moon hears your sighs
The struggles that keep you up at night
Pondering about life and the direction to new heights
Searching for the white knight in every childhood story
But tonight we’re going off tale
Shining in our own glory.

We all experience insecurities, let the feeling come and go. Don’t create a space for it to dwell. It will only make you spiral out of control, if you allow it. Instead, take control of your happiness, you deserve better. That dream job you’re searching for, will find you. Your future spouse is waiting eagerly on you. Let go of the past, anything that doesn’t add value. Stop settling for less, you deserve love, financial freedom, happiness.

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Diamond In The Dirt

You’ve been faced with obstacles from every direction. Overcame each one and still had love to share with the world. Despite the empty promises, lies and negativity, pettiness was never on your mind. Instead you focused on yourself, were honest about your intentions and became a diamond rising from the dirt. Now that’s what I call growth. You’re a rare creature that deserves the best.

Only you can save yourself
That’s what you’ve always done
A rose growing from the concrete in a world of –

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Girl Please, You Deserve Better, Here's Why, Self-Love Blog Series

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