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How & Why I Kept My Pregnancy Hidden

How & Why I Kept My Pregnancy Hidden

Spring Pregnancy Glamour Inspired Photoshoot

Hidden for nine months
Through strategic styling and pre-planned content
It wasn’t easy, sacrificing my usual lifestyle
Missing my favourite dessert
Turning down events and being envious of others
Lack of preparation
My mind still hasn’t fully accepted this new chapter
Reckless nights have now come to an end, replaced with
Lack of sleep, feeding on a regular and a non-existent social life
Who can I confide in?
Overdosing in emotions, even my heart cries, but who cares
Puff-puff then fly, it will set you free
I tasted peace and prayed it never leaves my side.

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As bloggers, we tend to share every aspect of our lives within the content we create. Pregnancy was not something I wanted to share with the world until my child had actually arrived. It would be devastating if I announced the pregnancy and complications occurred. Then having to relive that nightmare every time someone asked a question or mentioned the situation. I was happily enjoying my pregnancy in the privacy of my own little bubble. Sharing my journey with a handful of people, who kept me entertained in the last few months. I got to announce my pregnancy exactly how I wanted. A beautiful pregnancy shot, an image of my child a few hours old all accompanied with a heart-warming caption.

Were people surprised? Hell yes.
How was I capable of keeping a big secret for 9 months. Not letting anything slip and even my content was coming out regularly. No-one was wiser about the real situation until the day of my announcement.

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We’re visual beings, hence why platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr thrive. I decided to pre-plan my photography content, mainly due to my mother’s advice. She’s honestly an OG when it comes to ideas and concepts, she schools me at my own game. Towards the beginning of my pregnancy, I dedicated time to shoot fashion content. I had a bank of content available to use. I then began to experiment with flatlays, beauty shots and lifestyle photography to create a mixture of content. I also stopped travelling to events in mid-March as it became difficult to handle in my third trimester. I managed to go out locally to restaurants and the cinema. If it involved a train, I wasn’t in attendance, it was as simple as that.

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It’s a strange feeling to know that I’m now responsible for a little human being. That one day someone will refer to me as mum. Whether you’re a new mother yourself or a veteran in this journey, what advice would you give a new mother?

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how & why i kept my pregnancy hidden

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