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How I’m Finding Motherhood, The Unfiltered Truth

How I’m Finding Motherhood, The Unfiltered Truth

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I’m young, but no longer free
Shoulders filled with responsibilities
Accommodating a new lifestyle
Shifting priorities
Motherhood has its challenges
But it’s worth the sacrifices and compromises
All for the little face looking back at me.

In one word, overwhelmed. I wasn’t ready and my emotions agreed, I cried often at the beginning. Unsure of how to step into this new role, but I had to learn quickly. My soft heart searched within for courage. The courage to be the best and not admit defeat. Even when my body seemed to work against me. 

During my pregnancy, I experienced iron deficiency. During labour, it was blood loss and vaginal stitches due to a third-degree tear. My emotions were in overdrive, my body felt traumatised and I was unsure of how to deal with it all. In denial, not fully healed and forcing my body to bounce back, led to panic attacks. I had to remind myself to be kind, healing is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. Despite it all, I’ve also learned so much during my first year of motherhood. I decided to celebrate today by sharing five lessons motherhood has taught me, so far. 

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My child needs something and it’s my job to figure it out. Does your nappy need changing or perhaps you’re hungry? Do you need a hug or is that just me? Oh, I know, you’re cranky and tired yet refuse to sleep in case you miss out on something. Through all his antics he’s teaching me to be patient, especially in the mornings.  

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My son is teaching me empathy, to let go of my selfish tendencies and put his needs first. He inspires me to be the best version of myself, someone who can pass down wisdom, not trauma and despair. 

Mother & Son Garden Shoot The Unfiltered Truth 5 Lessons From The First Year
New Perspectives

I’m seeing the world from a new perspective. What seems mundane and ordinary to adults, drives a baby’s imagination wild. The endless possibilities, this could be a shoe, a drumstick or a car. It all depends on my mood.

First Year Of Motherhood, Happy Birthday Baby Rammie
Being Present

He’s curious about the world, if you take your eyes off him for a second, it may turn your day upside down. It reminds me to be present in every moment, to not linger on my phone. He’s at the stage where everything excites him and he has to share it with you. 

From a baby’s perspective: I have a present for you, it’s a rock I found in the garden. Take this shoe, it was laying on the floor. This looks interesting and bizarre, in my mouth you go. Such a giant door, what does pushing it do?

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No Manual To Parenting

Most importantly, there’s no manual to motherhood and perfection doesn’t exist. One size doesn’t fit all, especially in this situation. I had to take it one day at a time and figure it out from there. Motherhood isn’t for everyone, don’t step into it lightly. It has challenges, requires sacrifices, but also has the ability to be rewarding. 

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How I'm Finding Motherhood The Unfiltered Truth By UK Blogger Tajinder Kaur

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  • Thank you for your raw and honest truth. I guess some of this I already know because in the day… I’m a Nursery Nurse (Early Years Educator) But I have been reminded by another Nursery Nurse, since having her babies caring for her own children is totally different and I don’t doubt that for a second. I applaud all women that are able to procreate and bring their children up with good values in a safe and happy environment.

    You are doing amazing, your son looks happy and gorgeous. Everything you have said in this post is spot on, bless you both : ) xo.


    • I’m glad you liked my honesty. Oh really, that’s interesting, do you enjoy being a nursery nurse? I agree, it’s definitely different when you’re caring for your own children. Thank you for the sweet words beauty!


  • I love how beautifully you share the things you have learned as you walk the road of motherhood! Empathy and kindness are among two of the most important things children can learn, and they pick it up early by watching and feeling the people around them. 🙂

    • Aww, thank you dear, I’m glad you enjoyed my post. It’s true, children are very intuitive, that’s why I always want to set a good example for my son.


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