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How To Deal With Loss

How To Deal With Loss

How To Deal With Loss Fashion Portrait

The hardest word in any language
I’ve always said life is temporary
Yet in my eyes, my parents were the exception
Perhaps I was foolish, naïve about the world
A sudden shock to the system
Circle of life
She truly showed her colours this year
Happiness and grief like distant relatives
The ones you never wished to see
Sharing my truth
I cope through writing
Letting the words flow naturally
It comes in waves, it’s a lot to bear
As I look back over my shoulder
Into the distance, the past
Attached to the memories, conversations and unsaid words
A thousand words won’t bring you back
Neither will a thousand tears
I know – because I’ve cried
Yet it’s time to let go
The world keeps spinning
Life carries on
Sitting in a better place
That knowledge keeps me content
Until we meet again
This is goodbye, for now.

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A loss of a relationship, whether it’s through natural causes (death) or by choice (divorce/separation). It impacts our lives, to the point we feel helpless. The only thing we’re promised to in life is death. But, this doesn’t make it any easier accepting the reality. Especially when you were constantly around the person. Their absence will be missed. Gone within minutes. It was a shock to the system, a life slipped away, right in front of my eyes. Disconnecting from the final moments, replacing them with happier times.

Emotions & Expressions

We all grieve in different ways, in my opinion, it all begins with expression. Allow yourself to feel every emotion, sadness is what I experienced the most, inevitable after a loss. Crying as the final moments kept replaying in my mind, over the unsaid words and how they left us all behind. Coming from a religious background, I only began feeling better once the Sehaj Paath began. I was able to breathe again, coping through poetry. Writing for myself, letting it all spill out onto the page. This gave me the strength to give a eulogy at the funeral, despite emotions being high.

Good Distractions

Keeping up a routine can help, whether that’s household chores, journaling or even a change of scenery. Distractions are needed to keep sane. Otherwise, time can be an enemy, constantly thinking back to what happened, leading to a downward spiral. Prioritise your health, emotional strains can be taxing. Your body requires care to function properly. Ensure you’re sleeping well and eating a healthy diet. Music has been my weapon of choice, coping with anything life throws my way. No matter the occasion, there’s always a song that gets me through it all. In this instance, Beautiful People by Ed Sheeran is my go-to song. How do you cope when experiencing a loss?

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  • I’m sorry for your lost Tajinder. Do you know the old saying time is a great healer? It really is but most importantly you have to keep on grieving and don’t stop until you’re coming to terms with your lost. Everyone is entitled to grieve in their own way for however long. Take it easy, lost ones are never truly gone. They are forever with you in your DNA, memories, thoughts and future generations, take care girl : ) xo


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