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How To Motivate & Uplift Yourself On Bad Days

How To Motivate & Uplift Yourself On Bad Days

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Don’t be goofy, bring some passion to the table
We all want success but she doesn’t favour those who are unstable
Talking a mean game yet there’s no concrete evidence
Don’t wait for a sign
Motivate yourself
Start now, be committed, your excellence will follow.

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First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR. Are you ready to make this decade work wonders for you? The month of January is filled with two moods. The excitement around improving ourselves and the January blues. We create resolutions, yet there’s never a solid plan to follow through. Inevitably, we end up making excuses and abandoning our good intentions for ourselves. However, this year, that has to change. Occasionally, we experience days where we need an extra dose of motivation. That’s where I step in, I’m sharing four ways to uplift your spirit on bad days. It all begins with shifting our mindset, choose your preference.

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Start your day off with a vibe. Allow positive energy to enter your space. Music has the ability to alter moods. If you wake up in a funk, slightly sad or simply need a pick me up, music is the answer. Regardless of genre, there are always a few artists that share uplifting messages. You just have to search for them. In the hip-hop category, I’d turn to Joey Bada$$, Talib Kweli, Logic, Ab-Soul, Ace Hood, Emtee and Blaqbonez. What artist do you turn to for feel-good vibes?

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Motivational Speakers

If you don’t feel motivated, hyped up or believe you can conquer anything, you’re watching the wrong motivational speakers. They have the ability to amp you up instantly. You forget about your fears, doubts and rejections. Focusing completely on the present, working towards each and every goal. Some of my favourite speeches are from Eric Thomas, Jim Rohn, Lisa Nichols, Jay Shetty, Will Smith, Opray Winfrey and Denzel Washington. It’s a great way to motivate yourself, is there anyone in particular who inspires you?

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Be a lifelong learner, stimulate your mind and constantly grow. Recently, I’ve been finding it hard to read. It seems my time is spent doing 101 other tasks. The solution was a few clicks away, audiobooks. Having them play in the background or on my commute made it a game-changer. I still get my daily dose of stories. Depending on what audiobook I opted for, my entertainment ranges from gaining knowledge to escapism to relatability. Of course it can’t beat the feeling of a physical book, turning the pages, and building a collection. That doesn’t mean audiobooks don’t have their advantages.

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Express yourself through movement. I can dance for hours without a care in the world. No direction, simply letting the music guide me, which is great for elevating moods, especially on bad days. I appreciate anyone who’s creative when it comes to dancing, my favourites dancers are Les Twins. I can get lost for hours on YouTube watching their choreography. Attending a class or two (for beginners) this year is on the agenda, anyone want to join me?

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How To Motivate & Uplift Yourself On Bad Days - Tajinder Kaur

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  • This is such a cool take! These are awesome tips; I always turn to music when I need a pick-me-up and I’ve never considered how useful it is before now. I also feel happier when I get to sing along to whatever I’m listening to! x

    • Aww, thank you Hannah. I agree music is such a great tool, it’s a part of my daily life. Plus, who doesn’t love a good sing-along?


  • Obviously being a book blogger I totally agree about the book part, but I agree so much with the music as well. Putting a song that I like on and bouncing around with my daughters really cheers me up.

  • Music is such a HUGE part of my day to day life. It helps me identify with my emotions, motivations and inspires me and provides me with an outlet when I can’t seem to find the words. Anyone who comes to my house knows that you will rarely, if ever, walk in to silence as I always have the music going! Curious about how I’m feeling on any given day? Listen to what’s playing haha

    • Honestly, same, music communicates what I sometimes can’t put into words. The happiness, victories, anger, heartbreak etc. Glad you relate Britt.


    • Glad you enjoyed my post Jenny. I wanted to share a different perspective, I’m happy that came across. I totally agree, with the right song, singing and dancing along is a great pick-me-up.


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