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How To Stay Connected When You’re Quarantined

How To Stay Connected When You’re Quarantined

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Holding a history of thriving in chaos
Invasions, hate crimes and migration
A world in fear, wondering what the future holds
Gaining traction, covered by every media outlet
The word pandemic continues to cause panic
Thinking how humanity reacted
I’m disgusted
Death is promised, we’re only here temporarily
Ease my curiosity, what makes you scared?
Is your faith not strong enough?
Are you unprepared?
Or misinformed?
I understand the pain but look towards the light
The sun will continue to rise and illuminate your life.

Technology can keep us connected, entertained and informed whilst we stay at home. Although we may be miles apart, I relate to my friends sitting somewhere across the world. Chilling, calling one another just to kick it. Listening to music, discussing all our big dreams, how we plan to take over the planet. The beauty of friendship, it’s what we make it. With time on our hands, remember to check in on friends, family and most importantly, yourself. You can’t spread love if you have none to share.

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Creeping up on my thoughts
Shooting a quick message to check up on you
Wondering how your day’s going
Visioning your face
But something seems out of place
How long has it been?
Connecting once again
Putting my heart on the line
With a bottle of fine wine
Ready to call you my sunshine.

Video Calls

Strengthen old bonds and form new friendships. Allow your relationships to flourish, all from the comfort of your own home. Netflix and wine parties, virtual pub quizzes or a simple video call. Two things to never underestimate, the power of a phone call and a great outfit.

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Bond Over Content

As bloggers, we’re constantly creating new content. Only for it to seemingly disappear in an oversaturated industry. Use your time wisely, catch up on content from your favourite bloggers or discover micro bloggers in your niche. If you genuinely enjoyed their post, leave a comment, they’ll feel appreciated.

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We live in a society filled with stresses, from financial woes to loneliness. Realign your energy, discover inner peace and clarity. Start by scheduling regular meditation intervals throughout the day. Spend ten minutes, completely focused. Close your eyes, breathe in the positivity, exhale out the negativity. Over time you’ll notice the benefits, from heightened spirituality to self-discovery.

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How To Stay Connected When You're Quarantined

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