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How To Stay Optimistic In Quarantine

How To Stay Optimistic In Quarantine

Checked Blazer, White Pants, Attitude & Optimism In London Lockdown

Lock down has a way of forcing us to face our demons, the ones we’ve been running from or thought we’d overcome. Being left with our own company can take us down two routes. One filled with healing, growth and self-love, another filled with toxic traits and negativity. Remember it’s all a mindset, we have a decision every morning, so focus on the path you’d like to take. We’re all human, lacking perfection, it’s alright to ask for guidance, especially during these uncertain times. I wanted to uplift my beautiful readers today. I decided to share how I personally stay optimistic in quarantine.

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Find joy in the small things.

It could be as simple as finding a new recipe or watching your favourite comedian. Joy comes in many forms, what works for one, may differ for another. Find out what works for you. This pandemic has taught us not to neglect our health. One way I’ve been showering myself with affection is through mini pamper sessions. I’ve been indulging in relaxing baths with candles, facials with smoothies and sparkly little manicures. Self-care has been creating a smile on my face, I feel whole again.

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Change your scenery.

Sit in the garden, go for a daily walk or dance around to your favourite song. Just remember to change your surroundings and get active. Don’t hide away in your bedroom and then wonder why you’re feeling irritated. Refresh your mind, body and soul by embracing nature. Look at the beautiful spring blooms, be grateful for the shining sun and the birds soaring the sky. Practice mindfulness, notice how your body reacts to it all.

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Stay connected to family & friends.

Interaction is needed, even if it is through technology, embrace it. FaceTime your best friend, join a pub quiz via Zoom or play games on Houseparty. These apps give us a lifeline, allowing us to socialise, just in a different way than we’re used to. There are many ways to stay connected, which one do you prefer?

Checked Blazer, White Pants, Attitude & Optimism In London Lockdown
Learn or master a skill.

Don’t feel pressured into being productive, only do it if your heart’s in it completely. Otherwise, find something else to channel your time in to. The lock down actually motivated me to enrol in a few online courses. I wanted to refresh my mind on previously studied topics and also challenge myself to new interests. I’ve also been spending my time listening to documentaries and audiobooks. If you have any recommendations, send them my way.

It's All A Mindset, How To Stay Optimistic In Quarantine
Get creative.

To practice art (regardless of how well) is a way to make the soul grow – so do it. Creativity is important, it reminds us to dream, to interpret life with a new perspective. Whether you choose to make short TikTok videos or knit a whole blanket, both challenge your imagination. After saying no for so long I’ve jumped onto the TikTok wave. It’s reminded me to have fun with content creation, sparking my creativity further. This actually led me into turning my poetry into spoken word pieces. I was surprised at how well it was received. Have you seen my spoken word videos on Instagram or TikTok?

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