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Images From My Phone: Beauty & Babies

Images From My Phone: Beauty & Babies

Summer Beauty & Bath Flatlay

Introducing a new series revolving around phone photography, capturing the ordinary and everyday aesthetic. A refreshing change from curated images and high-quality camera shots. Not everything makes it onto the blog. This series allows me to share more spontaneous images, flatlays and things that inspire me. Not overthinking every shot, just taking an image purely for inspiration, memories or because it was aesthetically pleasing.

The past few months my camera roll has consisted of flatlays and beauty shots. This month there was a new addition, pictures of my new-born baby. Usually taken on the Huji app, as I like the random light effects, added contrast and highlights. It enhances the look of every image, elevating the ordinary to aesthetically pleasing. What’s occupying your camera roll this month?

Newborn Baby London Fashion Photographer

Sleeping Newborn Baby Boy In A Suit

June wasn’t the most interesting month as I was cooped up indoors. With the exception of post-natal appointments and a sustainable fashion event. I’m beginning to feel restless, envious of others, especially as summer has arrived. But I know it’s for my own benefit. My body is recovering, it doesn’t heal overnight. Not wanting to photograph my fluctuating body I decided to focus on beauty shots.

Behind The Scenes Makeup Products

Celebrating Pride month with colourful eye makeup and a rainbow jumper. Adding sparkle to the classic red lipstick with purple galactic gloss. Not knowing much about the movement prompted me to read about their history. The LGBTQ community celebrates sexual diversity. Spreading awareness about the issues the community faces and encourages inclusivity. Although society has progressed since the Stonewall Riots of 1969, injustice still occurs. Diversity shouldn’t be an issue in 2019. We need to become more accepting, I understand it can be difficult. How can we accept others, when we don’t even accept ourselves?

Diverse beings roam the land
Yet some shun what they don’t understand
Uninterested in educating themselves
Fixated with the norms society ingrained
Love unites but hate is all they see.

Beauty Blogger Pride Makeup & Rainbow Jumper

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Pop’n’Swap was the first event I attended courtesy of The Dress Change. A sustainable brand that encourages swapping unloved items for pieces you adore. It was an evening of searching rails, eating delicious cakes and playing prosecco pong. Simplicity wins every time as the rainbow cake was my favourite. A delicate vanilla flavour danced on my taste buds, bold in colour, what else could I ask for? The event was a success with over 250 swaps. I managed to get two beautiful black dresses and a chunky necklace. Style post to follow, keep an eye on my Instagram.

Huji Phone Selfie At The Dress Change Event

Pimp Your Prosecco Bar The Dress Change Event

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  • What your body has gone through is a traumatic experience and very natural. You do have to allow your self time to recover. Don’t worry about what you may be missing out this summer, you’ll have many more to come with your little baba. Candid photos are the best, who doesn’t like a random moment now and again. Your little one is super cute, especially in his little shirt : ) xo

    • Aww, that’s so sweet, thank you dear. That’s true, in due time I’ll be healed completely. Definitely looking forward to future events. I honestly love random moments, capturing the memories and picturesque views.


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