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3 Things That Inspire Me About Fashion

3 Things That Inspire Me About Fashion

London Fashion Week Shenanigans At The Strand

Two months dedicated to fashion
The celebration of art
Hoping to inspire and leave audiences in awe
Travelled from across the world
To witness a unique vision come to life
Be honest
When did you fall in love with fashion?
The moment it caught your attention
Sweet-talked you into committing
Do you remember?
The late-night thoughts of potential concepts
Various ideas bouncing around
It all began with a spark of inspiration
Since that moment
There’s been no regrets, no looking back.

First and foremost, fashion is an art form. We’re offered an outlook about life by designers seasonally. It’s in the street, in our homes, relevant in today’s society. It’s the way we live, showcased through beautiful fabrics on the runway. That’s just the beginning, here are three things that inspire me about fashion.

Connections Made Through Fashion

I admire designers for having the ability to tell stories through collections. Sharing lost memories and mysteries of the mind whilst inspiring audiences across the world. Fantasy or based on a true story, it’s the foundation of any collection.

Raw and untamed, designs should spark an emotional response. If the inspiration was outrage over the political climate, the audience should feel it too. Similar to how books evoke emotion through words. Designers let the clothes do the talking, allowing the mind to curiously wander. Eventually asking what was the inspiration behind it all?

Effortless Autum Layering London Fashion
History & Iconic Figures

A feeling of nostalgia and romance. A familiar touch, old friend we meet again. Fashion tends to recycle trends with a modern twist. Through this method, we learn about history – the fashion pioneers, enthusiasts, royalty and celebrities. Those who usually inspire audiences.

One of my favourite designers is Ashish. His designs are colourful, playing close to his roots, typically filled with emotion. Marking a solemn time in history, horrified by the outcome. For SS17, he created a response to Brexit, by celebrating an integral part of life in England, Indian culture. He decided to spread messages of love and devotion, in a time where there was division.

Inspire Through Fashion & Photography LFW
Understanding Cultures

Unfortunately, in society today, cultures get appropriated. Never credited, simply used and abused, in the name of profit. From the choice of fabric to the styling direction, it can become frustrating.

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On a positive note, I love seeing dual identity represented on the runway. The previous Merit Award Winner, Tolu Coker explored her heritage. Her aim was to reconstruct black identity within the western world. I would love to see more south Asian designers representing the diaspora.

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