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Happy International Women’s Day #EachForEqual

Happy International Women’s Day #EachForEqual

International Women's Day, Laughter, Smiles & Confidence

A bond stronger than family
The sisterhood
Friendships full of support and encouragement
Spreading female empowerment across the globe
Humour mixed with deeper meanings
Today we celebrate the women
The rebels, trailblazers, history makers
But also those slightly closer
Our inner circle, girl gang and squad
Shaping our being to the individual who stands before you
Standing for equality and justice
Make your voice be heard, it’s International Women’s Day.

Mairi Black & White Low Angle Power Shot Checked Power Suit

Shaped by the women before me, the ones who raised me and those who stand by me. The ones who constantly inspire, educate and choose to go beyond. It’s bizarre to think that gender inequality still exists around the world. We can’t succeed when half of the population is held back. In some countries, women disproportionally suffer from poverty, lack of education and access to proper health-care. In addition to this, women remain underrepresented in senior leadership roles. Something has to change, in order for change to occur.

Aba Backwards Checked Blazer, London Styling & Smiles

We’ve evolved as a society, yet our views on gender remain stagnate.

Andrada White Power Suit London Women's Day Photoshoot

Zoe Black & White Dramatic Portrait, Checked Blazer & Headband

We expect girls to shrink themselves, teaching them to compromise, yet allow boys to roam free, to flourish. We should question this premise, unlearn societal norms and gender expectations. Through socialising children differently, did this inadvertently create a fragile male ego? That we now wonder, why should a woman’s success emasculate a man? The issue with gender is it prescribes how we should exist, instead of acknowledging who we are as individuals. Why is there difficulty in coexisting equally, to form a partnership than ownership?

Chubby Complimentary Prints, Africa Necklace & Celebrating Women's Day

Deemed as the inferior gender, constantly questioning our worth. From advertisements attacking our appearance (for a little profit) to family members questioning our relationship status. This year for International Women’s Day I wanted to show unity. Women standing together despite it all. Coming from all backgrounds, communities and journeys. Not in competition with one another but as cheerleaders, creatives, friends, mothers. Celebrating individuality, personal accomplishments and the raw power we all possess. We need to unlock our full potential, take charge and own our power. It all begins by removing ourselves from the male gaze. To change the dialogue, challenge authority and how we’re viewed in society. How do you want to be represented?

Sophia Classic Style & Confidence Women's Day London Photoshoot

Kam London Blogger Portrait Celebrating International Women's Day

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Before I sign off, I would like to thank all the ladies who participated in my photoshoot. They united to celebrate International Women’s Day, whilst asserting their individuality through style. Make sure to follow them over on Instagram.

Nikita Asserting Dominance Through Fashion & Art London Blogger

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#EachForEqual Happy International Women's Day

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