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The Italian Allure – Venice Travel Diaries

The Italian Allure – Venice Travel Diaries

Views From Rialto Bridge, Venice

Venice – a city of wonders, filled with old romantic architecture and a long list of things to explore. If it wasn’t before, it definitely needs to be added to your travel bucket list. When I travel it’s usually with my mother, she’s just as eager to explore the world as I am. Travelling in August, a word of advice, expect scorching heat, large crowds and hitting your daily water intake. Making the most of our time, I decided to roughly plan out each day. Adding various museums, parks and restaurants into the itinerary. I adored all the Italian art – the sculptures, abstract paintings and illusions. Don’t miss out on their art scene, you’ll feel inspired.

With a full day dedicated to exploring the small islands surrounding Venice. The morning began heading to Burano, the colourful fishermen’s island for a personalised tour from a local. The tour gave great insight into the island. From getting government permission on colour choices to a man who painted his home daily and a 102-year-old lace maker. After, we headed towards Venice Santa Lucia train station to pick up my uncle before redirecting to Lido di Venezia. It was surreal being on land again, seeing roads, cars and buses. We enjoyed the evening at the beach, before a delicious dinner and shopping at a supermarket for snacks.

London Fashion Blogger In Burano, Italy

Monochrome Outfit & Bright Coloured Houses Burano

Gondola Ride

My favourite experience in Venice had to be the gondola ride. They tend to be expensive, especially if you don’t book it in advance, but worth the money. After wondering around San Marco square, we spontaneously enquired about a gondola ride from one of the side canals. Deciding to haggle until we agreed on a price we both liked worked in our favour. As we were able to save some euros that we spent on ice-cream after the ride. Onto the ride itself, a 30-minute journey, exploring the heart of Venice in a peaceful way. We timed it perfectly as we were able to see the sunset during our ride. It was a magical experience, that we managed to photograph on our phones.

Gondolas In Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

Libreria Acqua Alta

A literary universe any book lover must visit. Displayed in a unique way, the books are piled up in bathtubs, gondolas and on shelves. Every genre is at your fingertips, whether it’s the latest pop phenomenal or an ancient treat. The first room holds books on art, culture and Venice history. Art intrigues me and captures my attention. Whilst wandering around, a cover caught my eye. This book revolved around Andy Warhol, an American artist, director and producer. As I looked through the book, I was presented with beautiful illustrations, photography and much more. Continuing my exploration, I headed outside, where I was met with a staircase made of old encyclopaedias. An interesting backdrop, I decided this was an ideal location to shoot content for the blog. What are your thoughts on Venice?

Rainbow Island, Burano, Venice, Italy

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Statue In Burano, Bright Coloured Fishermen Island

Burano Rainbow Island & White Lace Dress

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