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J. Cole Addresses New Rappers On 1985

J. Cole Addresses New Rappers On 1985

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The current state of reality, an overmedicated society, where kids are on drugs. Looking for an escape, a way to kill their demons. Dedicated to addiction, take a moment to reflect, what’s your vice? J. Cole addresses major issues on KOD, death, taxes and relationships are among the list. There’s so much to learn from the new album, take a seat and enjoy the ride. Then listen again, just in case you missed a line. A core piece of wisdom that could affect your life in a positive way.

1985 he arrived, now he speaks my mind
Continuing on from Everybody Dies with a smooth flow and funky beat
Sharing thoughts and advice on the music industry
The impact of artists and the mentality they hold
His name should ring a bell
J. Cole, I believe.

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Public Service Announcement

Following trends won’t keep you relevant
Especially once your core demographic grows up
Longevity in the game comes from timeless classics
That captures attention no matter the age
Nas, Cole, Kendrick, Logic, Joey & a few more
They’ll be around for a while ’cause their skills are tip-top
Yes, the state of music has changed
But I’ve been on a quest for the next wave
Hip-hop beats and conscious rap
But the new school is young now
Popping pills, dabbing and tatted from head-to-toe
Everything’s commercial
Trap drums are the trend now
What’s hot?
Flexing for the ‘gram
But who are you impressing?
The whip’s foreign
A bag of jewels and clothes are what you own
Where’s the house?
Wasting energy at parties
Acting woke but you’re actually broke.

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I respect the struggle
The truth turned into art
Have you ever thought about your impact?
I have some good advice if only you would listen
I wish you good luck and hope you change your ways
Before the shows start looking light
And the money slows up
What’s left?
Regrets, are all you’re filled with
In five years, you’ll be on love and hip-hop
No real assets
Clothes from last season
Oh no
You’ve become irrelevant
A has-been.

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