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Introducing: Jewellery Box, The Silver Love Affair [AD]

Introducing: Jewellery Box, The Silver Love Affair [AD]

Silver Love Affair & Selfies In Italy

Easily distracted
The attention span of a majestic butterfly
Straight to the point
It’s the holiday season
Switching countries like clothes
UK, Europe and Africa
Bright colours, bold prints and crop tops
My uniform for summer
All accessorised with dainty jewellery
Coming in various styles and sizes
What’s your preference?
Colourful, dainty or eye-catching statement pieces?
Naturally possessing a flirty nature
Between me and you, I have a story to share
Here’s my silver love affair
Courtesy of jewellerybox
A South London retail brand.

Taking a trip down memory lane, secondary school to be exact, those times I was obsessed with silver jewellery. Mainly because of the shine that occurred when the light hit it at the right angle. There were also the little details, workable in most outfits and did I mention the shine? Never one to follow the trends, I did my own thing. Regularly seen wearing a believe necklace, small studs and a karã. A signature look, feeling naked without, devastated when the necklace broke and the karã became too small. Reliving the happier moments, jewellerybox* gave me the opportunity to rekindle my love of silver.

Lens Flare Libreria Acqua Alta Venice

Signature Holiday Style

Arriving a day before my travels to Italy, these dainty pieces became my holiday style. Travelling to hot climates yet refusing to compromise on style, the jewellerybox pieces were lightweight, comfortable and looked effortlessly chic. Complimenting any outfit, I chose to pair it with, from streetwear to holiday florals. I particularly adored the minimalist styling of the bow ring, sitting comfortable on my finger, almost forgetting that I’m wearing it. It’s all in the details, not your average ring, effortlessly shining with extraordinary flair. Bracelet of dreams, heart on my sleeve with an accompanying pink crystal ball. Easily fastened, the strong snake bracelet will not break easily. Moving onto my birthstone, representing the month of October, the balancing scales. The opal gemstone earrings will add a subtle shine to your outfit. For daily wear, tie your hair into a low ponytail, add lip gloss and look put together in minutes. For more formal occasions, switch the lip gloss for a bold red lip and a classic bun.

Jewellerybox Silver Heart Snake Bracelet

The Gold Estate

Oh, how times have changed. Currently, obsessed with everything gold, a colour I once ignored, adamant I would never adore. Getting more in tune with my culture, the fashion aspect to be precise, I couldn’t resist the sparkle of the jewellery. Scrolling through my Instagram feed gold layered necklaces were all that I could see. Wandering through shops, different variations of gold were in circulation. I could no longer ignore this trend, I was hooked and my admiration began. But hold up, wait, silver never had a say. Feeling neglected, overlooked, sitting in second place, it was time to switch it up, this is my silver love affair. What’s your jewellery style?

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Disclaimer: (AD) gifted collaboration with *jewellerybox. Any items sent for review are written about honestly and all opinions are my own.

Jewellerybox October Opal Gem Earrings

Silver Minimalist Jewellerybox Bow Ring

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