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Brace Yourself, Less Is More This Festival Season

Brace Yourself, Less Is More This Festival Season

Festival Season Beauty Makeup Inspiration

Florals, pastels and tie-dye options
The epitome of festival season
A popular selection of summer ’19 fashion trends
This season take a walk on the wild side
Clash your prints, sparkle with makeup and be the life of the party
Plenty of sun and a number of activities
Travelling abroad, attending a festival or road trip with friends
Either way, adventure and entertainment are on the agenda today
Which one will you choose?

Brace yourself as this festival season, less is more in the fashion department. Not leaving much to the imagination, a sea of colourful fabrics is what you can expect. Focusing on the beauty aspect of festival prep rather than fashion. I decided to share four beauty looks that will hopefully leave you feeling inspired. From glitter lips to glossy eyes, there’s a look for everyone. Best of all, you can add your personal twist to each look to make it your own.

Turquoise Festival Makeup Inspiration Beauty Blogger
Lines Away

Festival season is the perfect time to get creative with your makeup looks. Accessorise a colourful eyelid with glitter, gems and colourful liquid liner. Make a statement with geometric lines, they’re bold and in your face! They’re many options on how to add lines into your look. A full face creating a pattern, illustrative lines or mainly focusing on the eyes. The minimalist approach or the colourful effect, either way, it’ll be visually appealing, perhaps even a conversation starter.

Eyebrows On Extra

Try balancing the less is more festival trend by being extra with the makeup. Get adventurous and take some risks this season. Don’t limit colour solely on the eyelids, let your eyebrows shine too. Whether it’s through fluorescent tones or subtle shades, embrace your inner artist.

London Festival Season Beauty Inspiration
Rock & Roll Baby

Inspired by the band KISS try recreating Starchild’s signature star, but tweak it to your own style. Personally, I would create two stars, one glittery purple and the other pink. Next, I’d add a gloss with a pink undertone to tie it all together. Ultimately resulting in a playful festival appropriate look. For a minimalist approach, you could incorporate a star through a subtle stamp. Similar to Karl Lagerfeld’s ModelCo. Liquid liner and beauty stamp. If you’re unsure how to tweak it to your personal style, ask yourself a few questions.

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Pearls & Pigment

For a more feminine approach think pearls and pigment. Most colours compliment the cream tone of pearls, allowing you the freedom to experiment with makeup. Pearls can be worn in two forms, classic jewellery or face pearls. Create your own design, outline your eyebrows or take inspiration from 2017 Pat McGrath pearl-studded eye. What beauty trends will you try this festival season?

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