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LFW Recap: Agné Kuzmickaite, Jiri Kalfar & Simon Mo

LFW Recap: Agné Kuzmickaite, Jiri Kalfar & Simon Mo

Jiri Kalfar AW20 Garden of Eden Catwalk Floral Dresses

I kicked off London Fashion week with a neutral palette, making my snake print blouse the focal point. As layering is associated with winter, I had to incorporate it into my outfit. A black bodysuit, print blouse and a bomber jacket. Cosy would be an understatement. Keeping it all casual by pairing my look with beige trainers and dainty jewellery. Enough about the outfit, let’s get into this LFW recap.

Oversized PrettyLittleThing Snake Print Blouse London Fashion Week Day One
LFW Recap: Day One Tobefrank Molyneaux
Agné Kuzmickaite AW20 Presentation

Typically, colour and prints are a huge part of my personal style, hence my excitement for the Agné Kuzmickaite presentation. The inspiration behind the collection was the light attempting to shine in a world of darkness. We’re all searching for solace, Agné decided to explore this theme further. The collection is a whirlwind of playful patterns, bold silhouettes and contrasting textures. Each design brings an air of celebration. From jumpers and dresses made in rainbow-coloured feathers to Agne’s signature butterfly print in monochrome.

Agne Kuzmickaite AW20 London Presentation Reworked Sportswear Dress & Boots
Agne Kuzmickaite AW20 Presentation Rainbow-Coloured Feather Jumper
Agne Kuzmickaite AW20 Signature Butterfly Print Monochrome Dress
Jiri Kalfar AW20 Show

Our planet was once a garden – a paradise. Jiri Kalfar’s show was a chance to revisit the Garden of Eden. The time where flora and fauna flourished, nature existed in sync and it was all respected by humankind. A playful collection, filled with colour and challenging cuts. A nod to tradition and the elegance of the past whilst remaining sustainable for today’s culture. Aware of the environmental consequences, Jiri aims to keep his carbon footprint to a minimum. Through local, zero waste production and the use of sustainable materials. Each design was beautifully created, a collection of paradise that spoke to my soul.

LFW Recap: Jiri Kalfar AW20 London Catwalk Show Mixed Texture Dress
Jiri Kalfar AW20 Garden of Eden Green Silk Dress
Jiri Kalfar AW20 Garden of Eden Catwalk Floral Dresses
Simon Mo AW20 Presentation

A collection inspired by a dream of being a wild animal whisperer. This triggered Simon Mo’s curiosity about the connection between animals and humankind. Leading to the exploration into the roles they have played throughout history. Ranging from symbols within religion and mythology to precious companions for many people. Presenting the collection from the perspective of a child to capture the innocence, playfulness and their untarnished love. The colourful outerwear celebrates animals whilst reinforcing they need to be respected and forever protected.

Simon Mo AW20 Blue Blazer Coat London Fashion Week

LFW Recap Simon Mo AW20 Presentation Animals & Humankind

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Simon Mo AW20 Mixed Textured Black Bomber Jacket

There’s so much to enjoy about London Fashion Week. Networking opportunities, creating fun content and inspiration from designers. Which designer did you enjoy from my LFW Recap?

LFW Recap Agne Kuzmickaite, Jiri Kalfar & Simon Mo Blog Post

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