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Lipstick Stains & Memories Caught On Camera

Lipstick Stains & Memories Caught On Camera

Pearls & Pink Lipstick Stains Portrait London Blogger

The stories that I tell you
Some real, others make believe
Can you differentiate between the two?
The truth lies within these poetic verses
A storm on the horizon
One you’re yet to experience
Involving violence, raw emotion and abuse
Demanding attention through her ruby red lips
Effortlessly commanding a room full of colourful individuals
Capturing every shot, documenting every thought
Insisting it’s the millennial lifestyle
With each sip of her drink thoughts became more sinister
Dark desires bubbling underneath
Poker face yet a mischievous smile crept to the surface
Fast forward to the next morning
Greeted with an unfamiliar scent of fruity seductiveness
Leaving lipstick stains on crisp white sheets
A foggy brain, with memories mixed with popular entertainment
What happened during the darkness, at the stroke of midnight?
The evidence lies in a camera that’s conveniently been misplaced
Oh sweet memories, how you deceive us.

Unable to tell the truth from fiction
Who can help her now?
Distant sounds of a saxophone player
Freedom to devour every precious hour
Yet she remains, attempting to recall the events of last night
People talk, word of mouth, what are they saying?
Not a single mention of her name
Did it simply escape their minds or was this a cover-up?
Radio silence and a menacing presence
A shadow with hidden secrets
What game is this?
A beautiful nightmare or cruel reality?
Searching, searching, but no answers appear
Next thing she hears
Alarm clocks ringing – it’s 6am
An irrational fear from a psychological perspective
Who knew it was all an illusion
A figment of her imagination
Or so she thought
Until she saw the lipstick stains
Polaroids with strangers and bottles of liquor
What happened last night?
To be continued.

Stringing words together to form a story, poetic conversation or a creative tale. Something I thoroughly enjoy. I actually thought of the title first and then shaped the post accordingly. I would love your feedback on the piece. Don’t forget, if you enjoyed it, share it on social media so others can too.

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