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Lockdown Chronicles, Would You Rather?

Lockdown Chronicles, Would You Rather?

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not Sunflower & Girl Lockdown Photography

A state of emergency
Attention needed immediately
Late to react resulted in the death of many
Can you live with yourself?
Don’t tell me life’s a game of chess
That you were merely playing your role
Did your moral compass disappear?
Or did you trade your humility for wealth
And then state to the public it was a lapse in judgement
Corrupted by the 1% with their taste for the finer things
But it was a decision you made
You chose to ignore or perhaps it was your plan all along
That was until you were the one lying on a hospital bed
Recovered yet the plan still goes ahead
Your strategies amuse me
Weren’t you once locked in a fridge?
Or was that something we were meant to forget?

Lockdown has allowed us to slow down, reflect and given us the ability to tackle our project list. There might be things we’re missing, our favourite restaurant, being in the company of friends or attending an event. The more we linger on these thoughts, negativity will arise. Instead, adapt and find a routine that works for you. The things you’re missing can see be enjoyed, only through different means. Try making your favourite dish at home, video call your friends or attend an event online. Attempting to be optimistic and use my time efficiently. I decided to share a few things I’ve been doing during lockdown through a game of Would You Rather.

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Would you rather go to a restaurant or enjoy home cooking?

How could I say no to a restaurant? It’s a whole vibe that begins with getting dressed, looking my best, all to catch up with friends. Lockdown has given the gift of time that I decided to dabble in the culinary arts. Jump on the wave, challenge yourself in the kitchen. Beginner or deemed a Michelin chef, there’s always something to master. Try a new recipe, bake your own snacks or experiment fusing two cuisines together – the possibilities are endless.

Portrait Photography of Punjabi Blogger Tajinder Kaur & Her Sunflowers
Would you rather take street style photography or self-portraits?

It’s interesting becoming my own muse, a subject I know well, yet photograph less often. Although I’m enjoying self-portraits, street style photography still ignites a fire within. Walking the streets of London, discovering hidden gems in beautifully crafted gowns, all captured on a DSLR. The tables have turned, roles reversed. Lockdown has encouraged me to experiment with creativity, lighting and shadows. Artistic lockdown photo series pending,

All Eyes On Her, Blogger Bedsheet Shoot, Creative At Home Photography
Would you travel abroad or enjoy a staycation?

I find it refreshing to travel, to experience another culture but 2020 had other plans. This year is looking like a staycation, perhaps a spa retreat as we all deserve a little pampering. During lockdown, I’ve been spending time on my skincare and beauty but a spa experience just hits different. If you’ve travelled around the UK, what city (or spa) did you enjoy the most?

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PrettyLittleThing Black Smock Dress, Sunflower & Self Portraits
Would you rather go to the cinema or Netflix party instead?

As long as I’m enjoying the movie, the location doesn’t bother me. If I had to choose though, I’d say Netflix party, as it’s much more convenient. My plans tend to become spontaneous after going to the cinema. Sometimes I end up in a restaurant, other times a bar. Is this just me and my friends, or can you relate?

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Lockdown Chronicles, Vol. One Would You Rather By UK Blogger Tajinder Kaur

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  • Love this! A fun way to explore your thoughts about the whole lockdown as well as what you would rather do – I’m definitely one for travelling abroad but a staycation will have to do for now, it’s making the best of the situation so why not indulge in some spa treatments and good skincare! Thanks for sharing your answers xx

    • Glad you enjoyed the post dear. Exactly, we deserve to treat ourselves to good skincare and spa treatments.


  • Interesting post. All I keep thinking during lockdown is “Will things ever get back to normal?”. I love short trips away, going out on the train and going to events but we’re getting such mixed messages about it all. For now I’m happy reading, watching films, binge watching TV shows and going for walks. Thanks for sharing!

    • Honestly, me too, but it’s better to stay safe indoors. That’s exactly how I’ve been spending my days too.


  • I absolutely enjoy the way you write, it’s so poetic and inspiring. I’ve been enjoying cooking my favorite meals but more importantly creating my own dishes. It feels really good to explore the culinary world and become my own chef. Right now, I’m mustering the confidence to get back in front of the camera again.

    Natonya |

    • Aww, you got me blushing over here, I love it when people enjoy my writing. That sounds amazing, what’s your favourite dish you’ve made so far? Girl, you can do it, can’t wait to see what you create in front of the camera.


  • Such a beautiful post. I love your poetry at the start.

    I miss travelling abroad. I wasn’t in a position to be able to travel properly for a while and when I could, I don’t think I made the most of it. My passport runs out in August, so hopefully, when this is all over, I can get it renewed and see more of the world 🙂

    Lots of love, Helen x

    • Aww, thank you dear, glad you enjoyed the poetry. I honestly adore travelling. Definitely get your passport renewed and experience this beautiful world, once it’s safe to travel again.


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