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Love Language: Forever Not Fairy Tales

Love Language: Forever Not Fairy Tales

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Romance (noun)
a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.

Make a little time for me
Hear me out
Stumbled upon
An accidental encounter
Underneath the stars
Placed in this universe to love you
Not something to take lightly
You’re in the words I write
The things I see
The air I breathe
My own personal love story
Teach me your love language
I’m not searching for fairy tales
Forever is what I need.

A popular film genre, the topic of discussion that artists continually explore, romance and love, we just can’t ignore. No matter what stage, we’re invested. From the first spark, indicating a potential connection to the heartache, the raw emotions laid out on an instrumental. Three little words once held weight, now they’re as light as a feather. I Love You. But what’s the meaning of love to a society that carelessly throws the word around? I’m in love with the idea of being in love, previously hurt, broken into pieces. Trying to fill a void I never knew existed. I once wore my heart on my sleeve, vulnerable to the world until I couldn’t take it anymore. The constant pain, deception and surrounded by imposters. Something had to change. My heart turned cold, distanced itself from the emotions, vowing to never get attached again. But then you came along.

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Hidden in the background
I can’t help it
Your words entice me
Your actions follow through
Something I’m not used to
A rare sight to see
Let alone encounter
Could this be a trick?
Hesitant yet curious
I headed down the path of romance
Teach me your love language
I’m not searching for fairy tales
Forever is what I need.

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An unexpected encounter warmed my heart to the idea of love. The same individual took it upon himself to tear down the guards put up to safeguard my feelings. To close the distance despite the resistance. The love that laid dormant was now awake. Allowing the hopeless romantic to roam free with no barriers, just raw emotions. You can hear it in the words I write, the poetry I speak, the music I play. Sitting, daydreaming of all the possibilities, the endless gestures to show you my love and appreciation. The hopeless romantic never truly dies or disappears, it merely retreats, protecting itself, waiting to be called again. What have you done in the name of love?

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