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Many Faces Of Melanin (Identity Photography Series)

Many Faces Of Melanin (Identity Photography Series)

Melanin - Identity Photography Series

Melanin (noun)
A pigment occurring in the hair, skin, and iris of the eye in people and animals.

Street art, female empowerment and a fierce attitude to match from the lovely Naomi. The third shoot of the photography series took place in Brick Lane, East London. The ideal setting to depict the many perspectives the word melanin holds, both the negative connotations and the successes. Be proud of your identity, the background you hold and continually learn about your culture. Don’t allow the media to misguide, misinform or misdirect your thoughts.

Melanin Fashion Photography Brick Lane London

Identity Series Brick Lane Fashion Photography

Coming in different forms and ratios
Continually celebrating people of colour
Especially the female gender
Born in the system, but we broke out the cycle
The streets are deep, they’re in need of peace
In search of survival, picking up the bible
You can’t judge a torn soul until you felt its pain
Now heal me with all these chains
Evil still exists every day and night
Love only visits on your birthday night
Mixing potions and medicine, entrusting secrets to a bottle
Be careful what you put in your drink little b-
One form of representation
The raw and gritty realness of poverty in the streets
Please forgive us, we came from nothing but the dust
Yes, we were stressed and depressed but now we’re blessed
A positive outlook, the celebration of life
Through entertainment, culture and art
We’re doing better, can’t you tell?

On magazine covers, sold out tours and appearing on your T.V. screens
Committed to defending our vision
Spoke it into existence
Certain we had a purpose, but we were nervous
Yet the city said we had to represent
Coming from royalty, we’re kings and queens
Yet we’re disconnected from our cultural heritage
Supposedly cold-hearted, evil and inconsiderate
So we act in misguided ways, in disrespectful tones
Labelled as proud savages, egotistical beings
But we’re human, continually improving
Whilst in search for a higher meaning
The purpose of life and our existence in this realm
Less is more and the stress is gone
All that’s left is to think louder
To look into a mirror, smile and rate yourself
Working in private, we never bothered anyone
Humble until provoked
Know your worth and motivate yourself

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