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Master Your Confidence In 2020 With Yo Couture [AD]

Master Your Confidence In 2020 With Yo Couture [AD]

Vibrant Blossoms, Ankara Blouse & Confident Fashion Blogger

Transitioning between seasons
Excited to leave behind dull nights for warmer days
Practicing self-confidence in 2020
Mastering my styling in a city decorated with blossoms
Entering spring in an array of bold colours
Similar to mother nature

Ankara Wrap Blouse & Statement Earrings Spring Blogger Style

(noun) /ˈkɒn.fɪ.dəns/
The quality of being certain of your abilities or having trust in people, plans, or the future.

Perfection is unattainable, but that doesn’t stop us from striving for our best. We all have our flaws, things we wish we could better. Ranging from appearance, intelligence or a particular skillset. It all depends how driven we are to change, to manifest exactly what we want into existence. Many of us battle with wavering confidence, inner demons and the stresses of the world. Despite the chaos happening in the world, 2020 will be the year for personal growth. Become that confident woman you have hidden inside by adopting my four simple tips. It’s time to stop shying away.

South Kensington Brown & Rosies Wrap Blouse & Dress Combination
Practice Better Posture

Focusing on the body language, it can play a big part in our overall confidence in 2020. I’ve experienced it first-hand. I notice the difference between standing tall with good posture and being hunched over. A good way of putting this into practise is through your choice of footwear. Block heels (less than three inches) drastically change posture, they naturally make you stand taller. Whereas trainers challenge good posture as they’re completely flat. Be mindful of your footwear choices, as good posture is the foundation of good health.

London Blogger Wearing CoolLife Ankara Wrap Blouse
Expression Through Style

I advocate for individuality in every outfit I style. Communicating a story of culture, confidence and overall happiness. I’m constantly playing with colours, prints and statement pieces in my personal style. Read more about my style story through an interview I did with Story Behind The Cloth.

Colour has the ability to alter moods, I use this to my advantage. For the season ahead, I’m excited to wear the colour of nature, harmonious green. I was gifted this beautiful wrap blouse from Yo Couture. I actually styled the wrap blouse in two ways, you may have seen my mini video on Instagram. Similar to me, they believe in the power of feeling fabulous through bold outfits. Passionate about culture, they’re excited to bring the Ankara print to the world, in a beautiful way.

African Prints & Blossoms In Brown & Rosies
Spritz It Up

A dab of perfume can make the difference between feeling confident and insecure. If you have a favourite, it can also become a part of your identity, a signature scent. Fragrances can enhance moods, change behaviours and ultimately make us feel confident in 2020.

Golden Hour Photgraphy Style Blogger In Yo Couture Blouse
Celebrate Others

There’s enough room for us all to win. When you’re confident in your character, values and journey, it’s easier to genuinely clap for others. We all need encouragement, support and positivity. Manifest these qualities by spreading positivity first. Act how you’d like to be treated, not with hidden agendas or bitterness. Create connections that blossom into beautiful friendships. Begin now, by sending a message to five creatives you adore, telling them why you like their work.

Fashion Blogger Wearing Ankara Print Around South Kensington London

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Put these words into action, stand tall in the space you inhabit. Whether you require confidence in your appearance, career, skill set or relationships, 2020 is the year you’ll obtain it all.

Disclaimer: (AD) gifted collaboration with *Yo Couture. Any items sent for review are written about honestly and all opinions are my own.

How To Be A Confident Woman In Bold Outfits Tajinder Kaur

Master Your Confidence In 2020 With Yo Couture Tajinder Kaur

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