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Monthly Favourites & Highlights (April 2019)

Monthly Favourites & Highlights (April 2019)

Striped Monochrome Halter Top Summer Fashion

A new month has arrived, meaning it’s reflection time. Monthly favourites highlight the various things I enjoyed during the past thirty days. Besides the few days of sunshine and my first frappe of the season. I share my favourite trends (fashion/beauty), music (single/album), creatives (blogger/youtuber) and a personal moment.


(Sleeves – puffed, balloon, exaggerated, detailed)
A trend from the ‘80s coming back with an impact. Usually an overlooked element, I’m glad that sleeves are finally in the spotlight. Depending on the style, sleeves have the ability to make us feel edgy, feminine and on trend. Scrolling through my Instagram and Pinterest feed, puffed sleeves seem to be the spring staple. What’s your opinion – does this trend appeal to your personal style?

Stripes, Florals & London Summer Style

Music – Single

(Wanting – Not3s)
Returning with a new single, the first release of 2019, a romantic ode to a partner. Crafted with summer in mind, the song will be added to many playlists and streamed repeatedly. A single ideal for house parties, BBQs and other summer events. Most likely to receive a great reaction from festival crowds. This is just the beginning, I’m looking forward to what Not3s releases next.

Music – Album

(New African Nation – Fuse ODG)
Shining a light on the African continent, the vibrant culture and the beauty the nation holds. People without knowledge of their history is like a tree without its roots. Learning about our history can make us understand that we actually stem from royalty. A rich mix of leaders, warriors, creatives, among other titles. The album opens with Bra Fie featuring Damian Marley, showing an image of strength and solidarity. The Interlude featuring Suli Breaks shares powerful words, questioning the system and our existence. Reaffirming once again we’re royalty perched on golden stools.


(Machaizelli Kahey)
Introduced to his channel through a friend, I’ve been a loyal viewer ever since. MacDoesIt is unapologetically himself. Not worrying about the opinions of others or a particular niche. He creates whatever he desires, merely going with the flow. I’m here for it all, the unfiltered confidence, unique perspective and creativity – you go Glen Coco.

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(Not Jess Fashion)
In an attempt to read more blogs, I decided to scroll through my Bloglovin’ feed. Focusing on fashion, I came across Not Jess Fashion. I instantly fell in love with her style and photography. If that didn’t capture her audience’s attention, the writing definitely will. An informative, no-nonsense and straight to the point type of writer. Reading post after post, I noticed I was still interested. Usually I get distracted whilst reading online, however, Jessica Wang caught my attention effortlessly.

Fashion Blogger In Italy Wearing Stripes & Florals

Personal Moment

Fashion photography holds my main interest, but I didn’t want to limit myself. During April I began dabbling in other forms of photography. These included portraits, flatlays and product photography. Once the images were shot, I began experimenting with editing techniques in Lightroom. Honing in on a signature style for my images. I can honestly say that I’m proud of the results. What were your April monthly favourites?

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