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Challenging Your Perception Of Having Enough

Challenging Your Perception Of Having Enough

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Can you ever have enough?
Is there a goal in mind that you’re attempting to achieve?
Continually purchasing the latest products, new trends and must-have items
Getting caught in the middle of all the marketing jargon
With popular terminology casually floating around
Flash sale, limited time offer, ending soon
Adding pressure, encouraging the consumer to buy quickly
Before the offer in question runs out.
Playing with our desires to grab the attention of those around
Deconstructing the expression of self in correlation with social interaction
Linking back to a pleasurable emotional experience.

An amusement society where personal conduct has become a spectacle
A performance to grab attention, a means to another goal
Sustaining the self and encouraging consumption
Fast fashion or investment pieces?
Consider your impact on the planet the next time you make a purchase
Do you question your values, the ethics behind each brand?
Perhaps it’s a mindless act of needing validation and recognition
From your industry, peers and the digital space
The social psychology behind shopping is an interesting notion
With many adding their two cents on the matter
Do you think we’ll ever have enough?
Or change our behaviour?

Fast Fashion & Having Enough

Society and the journey of happiness

As a society, we’re doing too much, eating, drinking, working and spending excessively. The rate of depression and anxiety is slowly increasing year-by-year. Especially as our debts build up and savings dwindle. The question that comes to mind, how did we reach this point? We’re tired, overworked and afraid. Afraid of missing out, not having enough or achieving our goals by a certain age. We’re not content with our current lifestyle and overindulge to fill a void. Identify your source of happiness, not the temporary solutions, or material purchases. Happiness for me revolves around experiences, the things you can’t own. The hugs, kisses, relaxing by the beach, jumping in the ocean, showing gratitude. In these moments, I’m content, filled with joy and happiness. Take a moment to reflect and redefine the notion of having enough.

Are you currently living a fulfilling life or merely settling and depriving yourself of real happiness? Consider every aspect of your life, from family obligations, career prospects, socialising and everything in between. Perhaps you’re working a 9-5 job simply to earn money to keep yourself afloat. Yet your real desire is to start a business, currently, you’re compromising your career for stability. In your ideal life, what values do you deem important? Write it down and read it daily. Anything that doesn’t add to those goals doesn’t require your time, money or patience. Know your why, as this will add to your happiness.

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Questions to ask yourself
  • Do you have too much? (clothes, gadgets, multiple vehicles etc.)
  • Could you live on less and save more money?
  • What would you prefer – a new dress or experience abroad?
  • What are your top three priorities?

Very little is needed to create a happy lifestyle, but society has convinced us that we need more. The trendiest clothes, dining out weekly and having the latest gadgets. How long did your happiness last after making one of these purchases?

challenging your perception of having enough

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  • Really enjoyed reading this, you made so many good points. It is such a thought provoking post – sometimes it is the simple things in life that bring so much joy. Thank you for sharing, I love your photos too, they are gorgeous! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  • This is so thought provoking and you’ve given me a lot to think about! The point here about owning too much I can safely say I’m doing okay with because I don’t own much compared to most people my age and I hate clutter, so I’m constantly throwing stuff away. I rarely buy myself anything because I don’t see the point!


    • Glad you enjoyed the post dear. I was re-evaluating my own spending habits and the purpose behind each purchase, which prompted this blog post. The concept of having enough – will we ever be satisfied?


  • Really motivating blog!! Beautiful write-up and pictures! ❤ I’ll give it a thought for sure.. Because it’s something to ponder over..
    Thanks for sharing!

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