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Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe In 6 Ways

Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe In 6 Ways

90s Inspired Blue Eyeshadow For Summer

We all deserve to feel glamorous, dress up for no reason and live our best life. Summer, the season that heightens my creativity and styling choices. I get excited to dress up and walk the street like it’s my runway. However, my usual confidence has deflated. My body is in the process of healing and currently in between sizes. This had an effect on my summer wardrobe. Feeling uninspired with my style choices I decided to turn to accessories. They have the ability to elevate even the most basic outfit, it’s all about strategic styling.

Summer Headscarves

Get that whimsical holiday look by simply adding a headscarf to the mix. Elevate any look, with a pop of colour or bold print. There’s a way for everyone to enjoy a headscarf. With a high or low ponytail, around a bun, as a headband or incorporated into a braid. There are endless opportunities to be creative, get inspiration from Pinterest and rock the summer trend effortlessly.

Gold Festival Gems & Rainbow Bar Earring
Statement Earrings

Earrings are my favourite accessory. Dainty, statement, hoops – I adore every style, casually working it into my summer outfit. This season allows us to be playful, exploring and experimenting with style. Trying chunky hoops, floral-inspired pieces or drip drop earrings. Although I do love these trends, personally I’m wearing dainty jewellery, like this rainbow bar from jewellerybox.

Fun Footwear

Get those pedicures ready, it’s the season to get your toes out. Flatforms, sandals or peep-toe heels, there’s a style for everyone to enjoy. Chunky trainers in funky colours and cute anklets are currently my go-to style. Bold colour is one way to add personality to your outfit. Keep the look simple and let the shoes do the talking. Help your girl out, wide feet sisters, where do you usually shop for shoes?

Summer Wardrobe Refreshed With Accessories
Bindis & Festival Gems

Summer style can be as playful as you wish. From the prints you wear, makeup you create to the glitter, gems and bindis used as pretty little accessories. During June, I created a Pride inspired look to celebrate love, you can find it here, and here. The aim was to be bold with colour, then add some sparkles to complete the look. It made me feel fabulous, but the glitter was a nightmare to get out of my hair.

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Creative Makeup

Rainbow eyes, geometric lines or gloss with an added shine – the choice is all yours. When it comes to summer I tend to switch up my makeup style. Going for a dewy look, allowing my skin to breathe in the summer heat. Swapping heavier products for lightweight alternatives is the rule for summer. Tinted moisturises, lip stains and sheer shades give an effortless look. Two essentials I need without a doubt are sunscreen and lip gloss. How would you refresh your style and summer wardrobe?

Glitter, Festival Gems and Bindis

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  • I’m not sure about refreshing my wardrobe, because it’s literally the same style year in and out. Although I did get my first pair of wedges in many years, so that’s something lol. I liked the look of the glitter in your hair, was also thinking that’s going to be hell to get out. I’ve been keeping my make up minimal as I love a fresh face in the summer. Definitely with you on the sunscreen and lip gloss. I love the gems on you, they look super cute especially with the rainbow earrings Tajinder : ) xo

    • Oh, that’s understandable. Are you enjoying your first pair of wedges? It took about a week for it all to leave my hair and room, lol. Aww, thank you Natoya! I had fun shooting this summer look, the rainbow earrings were the perfect addition, subtle and chic!


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