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5 Amazing Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your Body

5 Amazing Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your Body

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Taken for granted, misused and often disrespected
Verbal abuse shouted on the streets
In the digital space
And occasionally with our own negativity
Insecurities rise
Continually circling our mind
Confidence is required to keep the criticism away
Met with a fierce gaze from my own reflection
This beautiful creature looking back at me
A simple reminder to own my power
To show affection and honour
I’m in love with my body
Every inch, curve and stretch mark
A thought that rarely occurs.

Today marks the holiday that celebrates love and romance. From reading the title you can tell the focus is on ourselves rather than others. If we’re running on half a glass of love, we’re in no position to share. Taking an hour to unwind daily, to do whatever our heart desires, can change our mentality in an instance. Self-love, body positivity and a kinder way of speaking to ourselves is important. This valentine’s show your body some affection, it can easily feel neglected over the course of time. Here are five ways to say I Love You to yourself.

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Book a spa day

Hit the reset button by visiting the spa, refreshing your mind and escaping daily worries in the process. You shouldn’t feel guilty about treating yourself, you deserve it. A day focusing entirely on you. With a range of activities, there’s something you’re bound to enjoy. Pampering session, makeovers and even a spot of afternoon tea. Now doesn’t that sound relaxing, I could go for a massage right now.

Cook at home more often

We’ve all heard the popular phrase, my body is a temple, it’s now time to start treating it like one. By making small changes, you’ll slowly begin to see results. You’ll also know the exact ingredients in each dish, worrying less about your health. Cooking can be a fun activity, get the family involved, experiment with different flavours and palettes. There’s so much to discover, jump in and start creating some tasty treats.

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Make sleep a priority

Don’t get caught in the toxic trap of thinking you don’t need sleep. Rest is required to be a functioning member of society. Anytime I have a lack of sleep, I become a grumpy, irritable individual that no one would want to be around. Do yourself a favour, set a reminder to go to bed thirty minutes earlier. After a week, reflect back on this minor change. Have you noticed any difference in your energy, mood or mindset?

Stretch in the morning

Start the day right with a morning stretch, get your body moving and alert for the day ahead. Work on your flexibility and balance, that you’ll no longer worry about pulling a muscle. It’s all about making small changes to your daily routine.

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Hydrate and be happy

Make an effort to drink more water, the more you drink, the more benefits you receive. For example, clearer skin, a happy gut and more energy. If a flavour is what you require, you can switch it up by adding cucumber or lemon to get a refreshing taste. For my sweet tooth gang try adding berries to the mix.

How are you saying I Love You to your body this week?

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