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4 Signature Perfumes Perfect For Date Night

4 Signature Perfumes Perfect For Date Night

Versace Crystal Noir & Fashion Books Lifestyle Flaylat

You have my undivided attention
An evening focusing solely on us
Making the effort
The typical date night glow
But there’s something different about tonight
Mystery lingers in the air
A blend of dark florals, oils and spices hit my senses
Full of passion, a sensual wave
Is this an indication of how the night shall unravel?
Create your own seductive paradise
Learn about the art of teasing
Lesson one, signature perfumes.

There’s something alluring when your favourite person goes out of their way to impress you. In this case, I’m focusing on the sultry scents. Surprisingly you can tell a lot about a person’s personality and mood from their perfume. What does your go-to scent say about you? Make your significant other or a potential partner swoon on your next date. Especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Here are 4 signature perfumes perfect for date night. You might even discover your next favourite scent.

Floral Bedding, Fashion Books & Versace Crystal Noir
Beyoncé – Heat

A perfume should make you feel beautiful, confident and ready to conquer your day. Beyoncé’s Heat delivers exactly that. It’s a floral blend with a sensual combination to have people double-take when you walk by. I recommend this perfume if you need a subtle scent to enhance date night. It’s currently my signature scent.

Signature Perfume For Valentines & Date Night
Versace – Crystal Noir

Confidence in a bottle. An air of sophistication and glamour blur the mind. Crystal Noir is enticing, daring yet reassuring, everything you’d wish to be on a date. Personally, I use this scent on special occasions. It enhances my glow, attitude and first impressions.

Versace Crystal Noir Signature Perfume
Ormonde Jaye – Privé

This one is worth the price tag. It delivers an experience for the senses, as each bottle includes at least 30% pure oil. Privé is complex and spicy, with notes of jasmine, gardenia and pink pepper. Express your personality with this perfume, great for a dinner date. An added bonus, it also lasts for hours.

Versace Crystal Noir & Fashion Books Lifestyle Flaylat
Dior – Hypnotic Poison

The name speaks volumes. A combination of dark florals, vanilla and spice – a hypnotic blend. This perfume is perfect for an evening that ends in fireworks. An alluring pull, you’ll have your date wrapped around your little finger. Does Hypnotic Poison sound like the scent for you?

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4 Signature Perfumes Perfect For Date Night Tajinder Kaur

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