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Size Is Just A Number, Freeing Myself From Beauty Ideals

Size Is Just A Number, Freeing Myself From Beauty Ideals

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I would never get compliments
But now, I’m confident
A liberated body is what stands before you
Been through the trials and traumas
Life threw everything at me
But, I came out stronger
Filled with purpose and determination
Strength running through my veins
I am free
From social conventions
Beauty Ideals
Essentially, I am me
The one and only

The wave everybody seems to be jumping on right now is body confidence. But do you, specifically, know what it means? Essentially, the root of body confidence is about accepting the body regardless of societal ideals, norms or beauty standards. The body-positive movement began for marginalised bodies in particular. That would range from people of colour, plus size, disabled, trans. The bodies not typically shown in mainstream media.

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We tend to get caught up regarding our appearances. We judge ourselves, when in reality we should embrace the body we’re in. I read an article today that echoed this point. Encouraging body positivity and empowerment through a social media campaign. Tula and Mik Zazon have teamed up for a 30-day challenge to boost confidence through small actions.

Although social media may have its benefits, it also hinders our mental health.Society only fuels our insecurities further, through advertising, damaging language and social media.

Think about it, how many times have you scrolled past an advert about beach bodies? How did it make you feel?

Let’s get a little vunerable. Being constantly bombarded with images that I didn’t relate to, had an impact. It was only when my size went up during pregnancy did I notice. I was obsessing over the size written on the label. Unfortunately, I gave negativity a chance to shine. Going shopping became depressing for me. I would constantly think, I’m getting bigger, no-one will think I’m pretty, will the cashier judge the size I’m getting?

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It all begins in the mind. The conversations we have with ourselves to the energy we feed. With a slight mentality shift, I realised, size is just a number. One that no longer holds power over me. To get to this point, I had to ask the tough questions.

  • Why am I obsessing over a number?
  • Does it have any significance in my life?
  • Why am I allowing this number to have power over me?
  • If this persists, how will it affect me?

Society’s beauty ideals were at the root of my issue. Seeing slim women in adverts, on my social feeds and in big Hollywood roles made me feel inferior. It made me question my worth – the audacity.

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I’m free, I’m confident but I’m still on a journey of self-love. To get to this point, I needed patience and practical tools. Positive thinking, affirmations, mirror work and immersion shifted my mentality. I reminded myself that my body is a pillar of strength. It went through pregnancy, labour and grief, with the battle scars to show for it.

If you need a confidence boost, look into a mirror and slowly repeat after me. I am strong. I am deserving of love. I am a badass bitch, capable of anything I put my mind to.

Remember to pause between each sentence. Take a deep breath to relax your wandering mind and body. Repeat as many times, until you believe it or it sparks positive thoughts. Before I end this post, share what you love about your body?

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size is just a number, freeing myself from beauty ideals

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