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5 Ways To Be Stylishly Savvy On A Budget

5 Ways To Be Stylishly Savvy On A Budget

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The holiday season is over. It’s a new year with new goals, one thing I plan to do is spend consciously. Society’s fast fashion culture and social media are both affecting my bank balance. With a few clicks online, new items can be purchased instantly. Then added to my overflowing wardrobe but when reflecting on the purchase did I really need another dress? A scarf? Or more jewellery? The answer is usually no.

Thinking about where I spend my money, I realised food, clothes and transport were the answer. I decided to prioritise happiness when it came to my spending habits. Only purchasing items I genuinely adore, not to be on trend or keep up with the blogging community.

Searching for what actually makes me happy, the answer was simple, experiences. I live in London, but I hardly explore my city. In an attempt to change this reality, with the help of Google, I made a London bucket list. The list included cute cafés, restaurants, and hidden gems I wanted to visit. It’s a great solution to impulsive shopping purchases, as I would reflect and reconsider. Other experiences include travelling around the UK, Europe and international destinations. As I can’t pay for tickets with clothes, the decision was made to spend consciously and save more.

Being stylish doesn’t necessarily mean buying new items. It’s about recycling looks and changing little details, ultimately creating a new outfit. Accessories and statement pieces are two angles that produce desired results without compromising on style.

Stylishly Saavy On A High Street Budget

Bold Red Lipstick

Makeup has the ability to change the perception of an individual, a classic red lip shows fierceness, confidence and strength. Slipping on like satin and setting like velvet, once on self-doubt disappears, you become a boss or like Lilly Singh would say a bawse conquering all aspects of her life. Bloggers, celebrities and old-school film heroines like Marilyn Monroe have all sported the lip shade, simultaneously being feminine and powerful. If red isn’t your shade, try burgundy, it’s darker yet possesses similar characteristics of the classic red.

Statement Coat

The first thing people will notice is outerwear, invest in a cosy coat that speaks volumes. Think about your general style aesthetic, what style would work for your daily outfits? A sophisticated trench coat or a luxe puffa jacket? If you can’t decide, opt for a long camel coat. It can be used regardless of the season as the colour is transitional. A staple piece in most fashion wardrobes. The outfit underneath could all be from Primark but as long as your coat screams luxury and style, you’re still winning.


Shoes can make or break an outfit, especially if they’re clashing against the rest of the look. My general rule is to either match the outfit colour or opt for a neutral palette. However, if the outfit is seemingly plain, add excitement through the shoes. A touch of colour, print or detailing can make a difference. Recently many seem to be sporting red boots on my Instagram feed. They’re on trend, practical for the winter season and scream excitement. Look in your closet, can you revive an old pair of shoes that could add oomph to your outfit? If not, there are two options. Buy a new pair that have multiple benefits or host a fashion swap with friends. You’d be finding a new home for your unloved item and helping the environment with the latter.

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One item that instantly sparks style in my mind is a pair of simple blacked out shades. Paired with a bold red lip and round hoops, you’re effortlessly chic. Best of all, you may already own some version of these three elements. If not, you can find them to be reasonably priced, especially online in the sale section. Style isn’t about how much you spend, it’s how you utilise the item that counts. I could be wearing a Gucci dress, but if the styling is bad, it devalues the look.


Dainty or statement, a piece of jewellery elevates an outfit. Recently I’ve been obsessed with dainty gold accessories. From my go-to small sleeper hoops to barely there necklaces and rings. These items subtly add elegance, looking put together, even if you’re feeling the opposite. It’s not about bold colour every day, sometimes neutral shades can do you justice. Look towards Queen B for inspiration, as her style is always impeccable.

What are your style tips for being savvy on a budget?

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