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The Original Sweetshop, Themed Afternoon Tea [AD]

The Original Sweetshop, Themed Afternoon Tea [AD]

Themed Afternoon Tea The Original Sweetshop Mayfair

Sweet, sour or spicy
No matter your preference
There’s a beverage with your name on it
A magical potion filled with various flavours
Possessing a healing power
Or is that just in my mind?
A coping mechanism during the winter season
Afternoon tea with a twist
Themed occasion with a nostalgic kiss
A kid in a candy store
Only much more sophisticated
The original sweetshop is where the adventure begins.

As I walked through The Chesterfield Hotel, I’m transported into a mystical land. One that consists of sweets, fairy lights and a whimsical interior. The experience courtesy of Bookatable* began with a refreshing welcome drink that brought a surge of energy. A shot of pink lemonade with a flying sherbet saucer on top, exactly what I needed. It was a great way to ease into the afternoon tea. Back to the original sweetshop, offering a selection of various types of tea, I was undecided, unable to choose which one to try. I decided to ask the waitress for the sweetest option. She recommended their newest addition to the menu, Fruit Salad Candy Tea. The classic childhood penny sweet in the form of a tea. As I poured my tea, the sweetest scent filled the air, a delightful aroma that made me smile ear-to-ear.

The Original Sweetshop Mayfair Welcome Drink

Pink Lemonade & Flying Saucer Shot

Stage One

They truly cater to each individual, making it an experience to remember. From asking about allergies and food preferences to making sure your plate is filled with tasty treats. You can get refills on your selected tea, sandwiches, scones and cakes. It’s pretty filling, but if you take your time, indulge in every stage of the experience. It’ll be an afternoon tea you fondly look back to. Choosing the vegetarian option, I was pleasantly surprised at the combination of sandwiches offered. Five finger sandwiches, each delighted my taste palette. The egg mayonnaise was my favourite, as it had a creamy and familiar texture. My other options included cucumber, cheese and tomato, grilled veg and finally veg with tomato chutney.

The Chesterfield Fruit Salad Candy Tea

The Original Sweetshop London Afternoon Tea

Stage Two

Moving onto the next stage, the classic staple of any afternoon tea, a British favourite, scones. There were two options to try, the original fruit scone and a chocolate chip version. Both served with clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam. The best jam I’ve tried to date. It had the right balance of sweetness, not overpowering the senses at all. I was excited to try a chocolate scone as I had never tried one before. Unsure of what to expect, I was surprised at how well the clotted cream and jam complimented the scone. With that being said, the original fruit scone still outshines any competition. A perfect combination, complementing the candy tea beautifully. Teasing the taste buds, easing it into a realm of sweetness, prepped for the next stage of desserts.

The Chesterfield Mayfair Scones & Finger Sandwiches

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Stage Three

Ready for a sugar rush, a surge of energy, a tingling sensation. A range of tasty treats sat beautifully before me, all I was wondering was where do I begin? Starting with the colourful macaroon, with the words be mine etched on top. Similar to the popular Love Hearts candy. Second time trying rhubarb, I discovered I love the flavour as it danced alongside the custard filling. One of each, white and dark chocolate jazzie lollipops. Rich in flavour, filling, to say the least. A winning combination with the perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter. The peanut butter cup was presented as a piece of art with a golden touch. It tasted delightful, neither flavour overpowered the other. The cherry bonbon cupcakes were slightly dry. Although the tea did wash it down, I wanted it to have a moist texture.

Afternoon Tea Mayfair Top Tier Desserts

An afternoon trip down memory lane, revisiting my childhood through various flavours. Committed to the theme, every detail has been considered. The servers wear a classic red and white striped blazer with a boater hat, serving looks from the 1920s. Adding to the ambience, there’s a candy cart ready to serve children pick n mix of popular sweets. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The sweet shop themed afternoon tea will leave you buzzing, in a good way of course. I would like to take a moment to thank Bookatable for inviting me to get involved in this campaign. What are your thoughts on themed afternoon tea?

Disclaimer: (AD) paid collaboration with *Bookatable. Any events or experiences are written about honestly and all opinions are my own.

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