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What Are Your Thoughts On Social Media?

What Are Your Thoughts On Social Media?

Connected World Through Social Media

Social Media
disconnected, disenchanted, disrespected.
According to We Are Social, in 2018 there are 3.196 billion global social media users.

Skin deep
Look beyond the physical
Once struggling through insecurities
Now transformed into a beautiful butterfly
Distanced myself from the BS
Whilst filling my surroundings with love
Living in a capitalist society
Industries thrive from insecurities
Promoting the latest way to conceal, remove or hide
Ignore the western appeal, the so-called ideal
One perspective in a multi-cultural world
No introductions or instructions
Existing among the rest of the world
Beyoncé already told you, we run this sh-
Melanin magic
Glowing for days
A reminder to people
Every shape, size and shade is full of grace
Recognise the power, the beauty within
Tonight, the world is ours, let the magic begin.

London Style Blogger With Braids In Cape Town

Could social media be damaging our self-esteem? We constantly get stuck in the allure of glossy images and flawlessly crafted captions. Scrolling through perfect feeds, flatlays and success stories where the hard work and struggle ceases to exist. We curate a certain image of ourselves online, anything that doesn’t fit into the ideal, we simply dismiss. To the colourful stylist, are you happy 24/7, or is your reality slightly more different? Hiding behind bright colours, compensating for another element of your life. To the girl next door, is your persona a façade or are you laid-back majority of the time? Share your truth, be candid, we’re human after all. If you don’t speak about, people assume that you’re perfectly fine. Little do they know you’re fighting with depression, anxiety or imposter syndrome. Be open, willing to reach out and ask for help of a listening ear.

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Social media has the ability to connect us to like-minded individuals and communities. A place we feel we belong. Although it may have its downfalls, for the most part, social media is a great tool. Especially for the creatives, who have various platforms to share their work and talents. Remember that some of our favourite artists were discovered online. Through YouTube videos, Instagram content and portfolios. We need to appreciate the arts and entertainment community. A lot of time, effort and work goes into any given craft. Honing into skills, searching for inspiration and creating a body of work. Credit your photographers, share your favourite blog posts and comment on YouTube videos. Show your appreciation, it’s the little gestures that warm an individual’s heart. What are your views on social media?

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